Monday, June 11, 2012

Godzilla - ゴジラ - Ben Rosenthal

1. A man sleeps next to his wife in the dead of night. All is peaceful in the world. Out of the window we can see tall buildings, the ocean spanning out behind them. This room is on a higher level of the building.  As such, some buildings rise above the window, whilst others are lower.

2. Same as Panel 1, however the man has shot straight up in bed, as if woken from a nightmare. He is in shock.  Outside of the window we can see some of the buildings vibrating.

3. Same as Panel 1, with the man frantically shaking his wife to wake her up. He is panicked.

妻。 妻、目を覚ました。 

"Wife. Wife, wake up".

4. Same as Panel 1, with the wife sitting up in bed, rubbing her eyes.  The Man is out of bed, reaching for his dressing gown as he stares out of the window.  Out of the window, some of the buildings are crumbling to the ground.

私たちは逃げなければならない ! 

We must flee!


Why, what is it?

5. A close up of the man's eye. In it we can see the reflection of the city, crumbling around a large, dark image which can just be made out to be Godzilla.




  1. Like the throw back to the classic Godzilla moment. The build up works pretty well, but it's the last panel that sells it for me. The eye reflection sounds terrifying!

  2. You really nail that classic feel, and at the same time, hit upon modern dread. Extremely well done page. Plus, I'm a sucker for subtitles. Great job, Ben!

  3. Good page with a great tone and mood to it.

    Excellent last panel/visual too.


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