Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Godzilla - Continuity Be Damned - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Han Solo comes out of a clearing of a lush jungle, running towards the Millennium Falcon.

HAN SOLO: Chewie!  Start the engines!  Get it up!  Start the engines!

2 - Pull out.  Godzilla is above the tree tops and seems intent on getting the small figure racing towards his ship.


3 - Move back down to in front of Han.  He wears pure panic on his face.  Godzilla is behind him in the background and is spewing some wicked fire from his mouth.  Things look pretty bad.

HAN SOLO : If only I'd brushed my teeth like my parents had asked!


4 - Change scenes to a father and his young son in the son's bedroom.  The son sits in bed; the father sits beside him.  The father has two toys in his hands: Godzilla and Han Solo.  The former is positioned so as to be chasing the latter.  The father looks surprised.  The son looks unimpressed.

DAD: What?

KID: Godzilla doesn't chase people who don't brush their teeth.

5 - The father looks puzzled.  His son is not buying his act and rolls his eyes in irritation.

DAD: Are you su--

KID (interrupting): Yes.

6 - The kid is hoping out of bed, and heading towards the washroom.  He is still somewhat irritated by his goofy father.  The father wears a pleased expression.

DAD (1): Well, could you brush them anyways?

DAD (2): Just in case.

KID: Okay, Dad...

Godzilla, a metaphor for the dangers of unclean teeth?

This one only kind of made sense in my head, but I felt the need to give it form nonetheless.  I hope you can humour my foolishness.


  1. I liked this script. I think it plays quite nicely into some of what people like about the franchise-- mindless destruction, zany concepts, imagination and the secret wish to smash things.

  2. Kids don't care about continuity, so why do we? Really fun script, although I did expect the kid to comically run to brush his teeth at the end.

    That part... y'know, about Gozilla and teeth... that's not true... Right?

    *runs off*

  3. Good scripts makes the readers happy. Being a good writer is gift.

  4. Wow. I would definitely love to see this played out. The whole Han and Chewie vs. Godzilla thing. Great job.

  5. Loved this Grant. At first I thought you were doing a fanboy corssover, but it quickly turned into something much more heart-felt. Well done, sir.


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