Thursday, June 14, 2012

Godzilla – One Giant Step – Shaun Richens.

1,2,3 Are the top row. 4 makes up half the page and 5 is a page wide panel at the bottom.

1. A MAN stands in the middle of the road. It is late at night and the streetlights are the only source of lighting. In his hand the MAN is holding his cell phone up recording something.


2. We pull back slightly. We can now see the MAN is stood in the middle of a crater in the middle of the main road, he is still filming something but as yet we cannot see what it is.

         NO COPY

3. We have pulled back far enough now to see the MAN is stood in a crater made by some giant foot. The footprint is massive; the MAN seems tiny compared to it. The print is reptilian with three long toes. He is holding his cell phone up to film still.

         NO COPY

4. A half page splash. We are now positioned in the footprint crater with the MAN. We are positioned behind him, finally looking at whatever it is he is filming. Dominating the panel is the huge form of GODZILLA towering over the city around him. (He is in London so it would be great to have one of the big landmarks in the background somewhere) On the MANs phone screen we can see he is zoomed in on GOZILLAs head, his huge jaw wide open.


5. A page wide panel. We are on a youtube like video site. The image from the young mans camera phone makes up the image in the video box out. The video is titled. Godzilla In London. It has a five star rating and 9,723,231 Views, under which it says uploaded 2 minutes 33 seconds ago. 


  1. I got a Cloverfield* vibe off this, which is probably one of the better 'non Godzilla' Godzilla movies.

    That penultimate panel has the potential for a nice visual.

    *Listen to the only piece of score for Cloverfield and then to the theme song from the first Godzilla. Heh.

  2. I'm a sucker for "zoom-outs" in comics, and this pulls it off great. The best kinds are the ones that slowly reveal, like this.

  3. I'm with Dan on this one - definite 'CLoverfield' vibe coming from it. Not that it is a bad thing. Personally, I would have thought that you could have cut out Panel 3 and still get the point across relatively well.


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