Friday, June 15, 2012

Godzilla - The Ultimate WMD - J.D. Coughlan

Three regular panels across the top, one large panel dominating the page.

Panel 1: The Oval Office. The President looks tired, beaten. He half-reads some files while listening to his advisors.

ADVISOR 1: The entire west coast has been seized, as well as most of the farm belt. And they're still advancing.

ADVISOR 2: This is an enemy the likes of which we have never faced before. We need to take drastic measures.

Panel 2: The President looks out his window. He is lost.


Panel 3: The President, from behind, still looking out the window.

PRESIDENT: Very well. We have no other option...

Panel 4: Large. Godzilla is suspended in a gigantic glass tank full of liquid, connected to various tubes. Walkways circle the tank, which many scientists going about their dark business.

PRESIDENT (CAP): Unleash Godzilla.




  1. Cool concept and completely plays into some of those Godzilla tropes- Gozilla as antihero/saviour and as a metaphor for man's more destructive tendencies.


    1. Thanks! I couldn't help thinking that this concept had been done before though, but I always get that feeling on here with characters I'm not too familiar with.

  2. Bush is the President in this page, right? Has to be Bush. I do like the idea of Godzilla being used as a weapon, and that weapon backfiring on those who control him. With explosions.

    Oh look, I just wrote a Michael Bay pitch.

    1. Wow. Completely unintentional on my part, but yes, this would make a great Michael Bay movie. Sadly, it would probably be ruined by having Michael Bay actually direct it.

      And I just pictured the same generic president that they always use in movies and comics. Kinda like the guy Michael Bay always uses, ironically. But yeah, Bush would totally have Godzilla'ed everyone given the chance.


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