Monday, June 25, 2012

Jonah Hex - Elsewhere - Ben Rosenthal

1. A classic Western Backdrop.  I the middle of the dirt street two men stand, ready to draw their guns and fire at each other. This panel shows the leg, gun in its holster of an unknown man in the fore ground, finger twitching to grab his gun.  In the background we see Jonah Hex in a similar position.

2.  A close up of Jonah Hex.

I said draw!

3. A close up of the unknown man.  He is well dressed and of good breeding. He looks way too clean for someone living in the Wild West. His hat covers his face.

And I said go ahead.

4. A long panel showing Jonah firing, and the mystery man standing there, bullets bouncing off him.

5. A close up of Johah, looking shocked.

What the hell?

6. A close up of the well dressed man's face. He has looked up, revealing his face. It is that of Clark Kent, sans glasses.

I'm what you may call a Super, man.


  1. Ha! Nice reveal. Good western-style build-up too. I'd like to see Hex and Supes team up. It would be an interesting clash of personality.

  2. Interesting piece. I like the combination for an Elseworlds tale - though a simple Supes time travel story could make this continuity. I just want to know two things: 1) what situation caused this showdown? I think that would be awesome to see, and 2) when the bullets bounced off Supes how many people did they kill? I'd rate that spin off any day.

    My only niggle is the last line. I see what you're doing but I'm not sure I dig it, everything else is just fine.

  3. Good concept, but I agree with Ryan that you probably don't need that last line.

    Visually you could show it was Clark/Supes with colour, dress, etc.

    Definitely an intriguing take though. The concept of both of these men, each with their own 'codes' would make for good comics.

  4. Really fun page. I was impressed how you captured the build up and feel of the western with such a unique tale. Like Ryan I would love to see the build up to this confrontation and the idea of using colors to show its superman that Dan had is a very nice subtle touch that would make the page even sweeter. Also I dug the line. Its cheesy and a bit over the top maybe, but it feels so in Clarks character I gotta go with it.


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