Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jonah Hex – Jonah Hex and the Legacy of Zorro – MK Stangeland Jr.

(JONAH HEX has traveled out to the far west hunting the bounty of a man carrying the identity of ‘Zorro’. After actually meeting the man and agreeing to help rather than hunt him, the both of them have ninjas sent after them by the people who Hex was originally working for.)

(7 Panels)

Panel 1: Panel is behind ZORRO and JONAH HEX as they ride on horseback away from the panel. They look behind them to see their pursuers.

SFX: tha-ra-dum-tha-ra-dum-tha-ra-dum

Panel 2: Image at the panel should be rotated at a slight angle. We see the people chasing ZORRO and JONAH HEX – it’s roughly a dozen ninjas riding on horseback.

These ninjas, however, are wearing slightly modified outfits that are better suited for the hotter climate of California. Their costumes are white instead of black, the very top of their heads are exposed to let their hair hang out (though their masks still cover their faces), and their sleeves are absent from their shoulder to their upper forearm.

Two of the ninjas are seen reloading crossbows, one is retrieving Shuriken ninja stars, and the rest are drawing ninja swords.

SFX: (Spread out across the panel amongst the ninjas who are drawing their swords) Sh-ring! Shring! shhhhha-rING! shring! sha-ring!

SFX: tha-ra-dum-tha-ra-dum-tha-ra-dum-tha-ra-dum-tha-ra-dum

Panel 3: ZORRO and JONAH HEX look to each other.

ZORRO: Not friends of yours, I presume?

JONAH HEX: I was goin’ to ask you the same thing.

SFX: tha-ra-dum-tha-ra-dum

Panel 4: JONAH HEX pulls out a revolver and holds it aimed skyward.

JONAH HEX: We better loose these guys.

SFX: tha-ra-dum-tha-ra-dum

Panel 5: ZORRO pulls out his Rapier and holds it skyward. He has a slightly crazy look of glee on his face.

ZORRO: Ah! But where would be the fun in that?!

SFX: Shhhha-HING!

SFX: tha-ra-dum-tha-ra-dum

Panel 6: ZORRO takes his horse into a tight turn as he turns to face the enemy head on. His sword points downwards and the tip of it just dips into the ground as he goes.

JONAH HEX turns and looks after ZORRO with a look of shocked surprise.


SFX: tha-ra-dum-tha-ra-dum

Panel 7: JONAH HEX has brought his gun arm down to have both hands in control of his horse. He takes it into a turn to try to follow after ZORRO.

JONAH HEX: (smaller font and/or type size to emphasize that HEX is mostly muttering this under his breath.) Crazy old man…

SFX: tha-ra-dum-tha-ra-dum



  1. I like how well-paced this is. Another interesting crossover this week too, also ripe for ideas. I particularly liked how Panels 4 and 5 illustrate the differences between the two: Hex actively avoiding conflict (but still ready for it) and Zorro's thrill-seeking.

    The "theme tune" throughout is interesting too, but one of those things that might not work in practice.

    Also; Old West ninjas? Has that been done before?! If not, it should!

    1. It's actually meant to be the sound of the horses galloping. I can agree that it might not work as well in practice as it does in theory. Almost didn't use it all when I was originally writing the script, but I figured I'd give it a shot and see what happens.

  2. I liked the horse galloping sounds. It struck me as yet another example of you being way better at SFX than me.

    The script also struck me as yet another example of your amazing ability to find awesome team-ups between our pick for the week and an appropriate partner. Zorro, indeed!

  3. Another great mashup and combining of characters this week.

    This is well paced, with solid action and even some character beats playing into it all.


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