Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Lizard - Hurt - Ben Rosenthal

These can be drawn however you see fit, however Panels 5-7 would be best to be all of the same size and on the same line.

1. A dark tunnel in the sewers under New York.  In the background we can see a shadowed figure lying on the ground. A white lab coat covers the sleeping figure.

2. Same as Panel 1, but tighter on the sleeping figure.

3.  A frightened and unshaven Curt Conners has woken with horror in his eyes.  He is in a mess, both physically and emotionally.


4.  Curt is looking down at his hands.  Besides his lab coat, he is naked.  Tears are beginning to flow down his cheeks.

All those people.


5. A close up of Curt’s eye, tear visible.

My son.

6. Same as panel 5, however the pupil of the eye has transformed into that of The Lizard.  There is still a human face on display, however.

7.  Same framing as the above two panels, however Curt is now The Lizard.



  1. A wonderfully simplistic and dark look at the tragedy of "Jekyll-and-Hyde" type characters. Makes me wish I had explored this central idea in my script, but I think you'll all like what I did instead.

  2. Terrifying stuff, Ben. I like how you say so much with so little dialogue. It's all about the word choice and the scene setting. Awesome.

  3. Cool - I've been looking forward to Lizard week and I knew you wouldn't disappoint, Ben!

  4. Moody, straightforward and cuts to the core of what makes the character great.


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