Tuesday, June 5, 2012

RKL- A Certain Point Of View- Dan Hill

This was one of those scripts where I had a million and one ideas. But in the end I just went with what came first. There was hardly any redrafting with this one. I just went with what came into my head. It's all gut (no German pun intended). I hope it does the man justice.

Panel One

CUT TO a CLOSE UP of an almost blank document, displayed on a computer screen.

The only text present on the page is the legend ‘Page One, Panel One’ in bold font.

CAPTION:  We live our lives through the things we write. 

Panel Two

CUT TO a CLOSE UP on a blog creation screen on Blogspot. The only thing filled out so far is the blog's title-- THOUGHT BALLOONS.

CAPTION:  Application forms, letters, emails, Facebook, Twitter.

Panel Three

CUT TO a CLOSE UP on the logo of ‘The Process’, again being displayed on a computer monitor.

CAPTION:  But for some of us the written word is so much more--

Panel Four

CUT TO a CLOSE UP on an email subject line. The line reads ‘Re: Ongoing’.

CAPTION:  -- a means to put ourselves out into the world.

Panel Five

CUT TO a CLOSE UP on a blog post in progress on Blogspot. The text is taken straight from Ryan’s post announcing his exit from Thought Balloons.

CAPTION:  To make our mark.

Panel Six

CUT TO an exact copy of Panel One-- the almost blank document, the text ‘Page One, Panel One’ and a flashing cursor blinking. The cycle is complete.

CAPTION:  To tell our stories.

CAPTION:  To inspire others.

Panel Seven

Wide panel. CLOSE UP on the computer screen. It’s off now. The work is done. In the reflection of the monitor we can see RYAN walking away (sorry, no view of the beard), ready to start the day, ready to start all that other stuff that isn’t writing.

But he’ll be back. He always is.



  1. Great words to go over the images. Far too nice...

    Though I never actually write PAGE ONE PANEL ONE, sadly :(

  2. Amazing the amount of emotion in the scripts this week. Once again Ryan has helped us all reach another level. Well, you guys - I would have written a story about Ryan and I slaying dragons.


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