Monday, June 4, 2012

RKL - Golden - Brandon Whaley


This page is a bit tight, I'll admit, but I think if done in the style of a 70s Marvel comic it could be done. Thanks Ryan, for ever thinking of me when you started this place! Good luck in your future ventures. I'll be watching for greatness.

Panel 1: An aerial view of Hell's Kitchen. Not too far up, because we can make out two men running along the top of a building.

Panel 2: We zoom in on the two men running toward us in the panel. On the right, Daredevil, the Man Without Fear. On the left, RKL, grinning like a fool.

Panel 3: We see the two men leap an alleyway onto an adjacent building, startling some pigeons in the process.

Panel 4: One of those old-school Spider-Man style montage panels, showing DD and RKL performing various acrobatics across the rooftops in afterimage.

Panel 5: DD leaps into an alleyway from the rooftop as RKL zips down a fire escape.

Panel 6: RKL is opening the door to a coffee shop. DD is right behind him.

Panel 7: Cut to inside the coffee shop. Danny Rand, in full Iron Fist regalia, is sitting a table smiling with a steaming cup o' joe raised in greeting.

Panel 8: All black panel with the word “Wha-?” in a wavy balloon.

Panel 9: Cut to RKL in bed. Jess, his wife, is standing over him with a cup of coffee in hand.

JESS: Good morning! How did you sleep? Good dreams?

Panel 10: A close up of RKL's smiling face.

RKL: Golden.


  1. Yeah, this is pretty much spot on. It was all going great and then Rand turns up, even better, ha.

    Only niggle is, Jess is allergic to caffeine so that better be decaf :)

    This kind of feels like the kind of thing I could get made...if I died from cancer this week...

  2. To be fair, I think the coffee is for you. At least that is how I interpreted it.

  3. Yeah, I should have specified she was offering the coffee to you. Oops!

  4. In one page you have said more about the man Lindsay than I could in a full damn arc. Fantastic page. That final panel is pure perfection.

    The scripting was super tight but each panel was worded so well that I got all the information I needed. Also panel 4 has taught me the term afterimage which I did not know. That will come in handy I feel, so a tip of my hat for that. Thanks.

    Also like Ben I got the feeling that the coffee was going to be given to Ryan.

  5. I expected the end to be a reveal of Ryan in bed with Jess and the DD bit being his go to for his spank tank.


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