Monday, June 4, 2012

RKL - Nothing, Again - Matt Duarte

Ryan K. Lindsay in “Nothing, Again” by Matt Duarte

This page is a classic 9 panel grid.

Panel 1

Description: RKL is sitting in front of his desktop computer. He is hunched over and looking at the screen intensely. The computer screen clearly reads “Comics Publisher Does Something Different!” and underneath “People react violently to it”.

RKL (thought balloon): Again?

Panel 2

Description: Same as above. This time the computer screen reads “Long and Thoughtful Piece about Comic Publisher Doing Something Different by RKL” and underneath we can see in a smaller font “0 Comments”.

RKL (thought balloon): Nothing?

Panel 3

Description: Same as previous. This time, the computer screen reads simply “by Ben Rosenthal” and underneath a little set of symbols, with three out of 5 stars highlighted.

RKL (thought balloon): Yet again...

Panel 4

Description: Same as previous. This time the computer screen looks clearly like Google, and in the search bar we can see “Duane Swierczynski home sex tape” and underneath “0 Results found”

RKL (thought balloon): Nothing...yet.

Panel 5

Description: Same angle as before. A set of black crows, venomous snakes and giant spiders (who all share the same creepy red eyes) are crawling from inside the computer screen, attacking RKL, who is valiantly fighting back against them with his bare hands and feet. He is clearly struggling to save his own life.

RKL (thought balloon): Not again!

Panel 6

Description: RKL is sitting again where he was before, calmly using his computer. The screen reads “Time Management for Stay-at-Home Dads”. His clothes have numerous shreds and rips, and he is featuring several scarlet slashes across his body, but they don't seem to bother him.

(OFF-PANEL): Honey, I'm home!

Panel 7

Description: Jessica (Ryan's wife) has come in to the room, holding Parker (Ryan's son) in her hands. RKL has turned around with open arms, wanting to grab Parker. We can now clearly see that his shirt is barely holding together (revealing some of that Prime Australian Beefcake).

JESSICA: Did you do anything interesting today?

RKL: Oh, you know... nothing.

Panel 8

Description: RKL is now holding on to Parker, playing with him. Meanwhile, Jessica has bend down to pick something from the floor.

RKL (to Parker): Good to see you again, little buddy.

JESSICA: Hey! What's this?

Panel 9

Description: Jessica is now holding what is clearly a dead crow. RKL looks a bit of embarrassed and worried.

JESSICA: Have you been fighting with the Fifth-Dimensional Mind Beasts again?!

RKL: ...maybe.

JESSICA: Well, you better clean your office. It's filthy!

RKL: Again?!

The End


  1. Man, you guys clearly know me so well. It's kind of scary. I liked the structure/repetition of this page. It made me laugh.

  2. Guna have to agree with the man of the hour Mr Lindsay on this one, loved the structure you did so much with the same set up in each panel a difficult thing to pull of so well.

    Also Prime Australian Beefcake made me actually laugh out loud. Not just internet lol but for real. Good stuff.

  3. Ha! This is great Matt. The subtle humour really works well. Love it.

    Although I'm giving it 3 stars just so you know what it feels l like :)


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