Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ryan K Lindsay – The Secret History of ThoughtBalloons OR ThoughtBalloons: Year One – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

(All panels should be done as if from a first-person perspective of the individual that the captions are coming from.)

Panel 1: A door is open just a crack.

CAPTION: I thought I locked this door.

Panel 2: A dimly lit writing room, complete with a single lit desk lamp sitting on a desk at the far end. The desk’s chair is turned so the back is to the reader, and while it is clear that there is SOMEONE sitting in it, we are unable to tell that the individual in the chair is RYAN K LINDSAY.


RYAN: I hear you’re a writer. A good one, too.

Panel 3: Same basic panel, but with the POV closer to the desk.

CAPTION: What’s the meaning of this? What’s going on here?

RYAN: More importantly to me, I hear you’re a fan of comics, would like to write for them yourself, and committed to the cause.

Panel 4: POV is standing near the desk. The chair has turned so that RYAN is facing the reader, but he lighting of the room obscures his face so that we can’t yet tell who it is.

CAPTION: Who do you think you are and what do you think you’re doing breaking into my house?!

Panel 5: RYAN reaches out and turns the angle of the lamp so that the light passes by his face, revealing his identity. We see that he’s also wearing some kind of fancy-looking high-tech eyepiece over one eye.

RYAN: Ryan K Lindsay, operator of the Weekly Crisis.*

SFX: (From the lamp) *rrEeIe*

Panel 6: RYAN has stood up, but in such a way were the light still make it so that his identity is visible.

RYAN: I’m here to talk to you about the ThoughtBalloons initiative.


*(Important Writers Note: Normally, I prefer not to edit scripts after they have gone live. However, in this case I've made an exception since this line originally said "Ryan K Lindsay, founder of the Weekly Crisis", which is was written based on an incorrect assumption. The line has since been changed in order to prevent this incorrect presumption being passed on to others.)


  1. Greatest last line ever. I wish I had emailed that one two years ago.

  2. Nice! I didn't know Ryan was a founder of the Weekly Crisis.

    1. I thought he was, though now that I've gone over the Weekly Crisis and taken a look, it seems I may have been mistaken on that front.



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