Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ryan K. Lindsay - Soon Enough - Grant McLaughlin

1 - A young girl (maybe 12 or so) stands in a comic book store in front of a shelf full of comic book trades.  She looks somewhat intimidated (think "deer in the headlights").  A clerk is shelving books nearby.  No dialogue.

2 - The girl turns to the clerk.  The clerk leans forward on her knees, moving herself closer to the girl's height.

GIRL (quietly): E-excuse me?


3 - The girl is gaining some confidence.  The clerk puts on a pensive look, pondering the question in an attempt to come up with the most appropriate suggestion.

GIRL (1): I want to read comics, but I dunno where to start.

GIRL (2): Can you help me?

CLERK: Hmmm.

4 - The clerk has a clear "aha!" moment.  She has a look of pleased satisfaction on her face at what she's thought of.

CLERK: I think I have just the thing.

5 - The clerk grabs a book off the shelf.  No dialogue.

6 - The clerk holds out a comic book.  She wears a big smile.

CLERK: Have you ever heard of Ryan K. Lindsay?


  1. A heart warming page, and one that is clearly a glimpse into the future for our man Lindsay.

  2. Oh, man, so sweet. If this only happens once in the world somewhere then it'll all have been worth it.

  3. That was sweet, Grant. I really enjoyed it. Man, even Ryan's name makes him sound like a writer.


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