Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ryan K. Lindsay – There’s No ‘I’ in Ryan - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

Close on the Riddler, his hands clutched to his face, shaking, gabbling, unintelligible. This is a man in deep shock.

Riddler: There’s no ‘I’ in Ryan, there’s no ‘I’ in Ryan, there’s no ‘I’ in Ryan…

Panel Two.

Pull out to show that the Riddler is sitting on a chair in a cell, being watched through a plexiglass window by Batman and Commissioner Gordon.

Gordon: He’s been like this since we brought him in.

Batman: And you’ve no idea who did this to him?

Panel Three.

Close on Gordon, looking grim.

Gordon: The way we found him – all trussed up and hanging from that lamppost – we were convinced it was you.

Panel Four.

Close on Batman, looking grimmer.

Batman: I’ve been out of town. League business. Only got back this morning.

Batman: So you think this has something to do with that missing writer?

Panel Five.

Gordon holds up a photograph of Ryan K. Lindsay. Batman leans in to examine it. Behind them, a small window shows a starry night and the Gotham skyline.

Gordon: Ryan K. Lindsay. Australian comic book writer. Big noise in that scene. Special guest at the Gotham Comicon.

Panel Six.

Outside Gotham Central. On a nearby rooftop, a shadowy figure stands watching through the window we saw in the last panel. He’s holding a directional microphone and listening in on the conversation inside.

Gordon (from inside): No one’s seen him since Friday night…

Figure: And they’ll never seen him again, Commissioner. Because Ryan K. Lindsay is no more…

Panel Seven.

(Or, if I'm allowed to break the rules once, for my final script - Page TWO, splash panel...)

The figure leaps off the rooftop, towards us, in a big heroic pose. He’s wearing an all over face mask (black, featureless) and a long flowing detective’s mac that trails behind him like a cape. The logo on his black top features four symbols shaped like typewriter keys – N O I R…

Noir: And the night belongs to NOIR!

Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the best comics blog on the net – with the friendliest and most encouraging team of creators. Ryan K. Lindsay, I salute you!


  1. The dialogue in panels 5 6 and the page two splash killed it for me. This is as Lindsay would say Golden. I'd love to see this drawn up with some nice heavy inks over the top.

  2. This is bad ass. I would love to be this person. or write them. Whichever comes first.

  3. Really liking this script, and the Noir reveal at the end was awesome. I can actually see a ton of potential with this character!

    And what do you mean 'last post?' Y you had better be back

  4. Maybe if you ask me nicely...


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