Friday, June 8, 2012

Ryan K. Lindsay - Thought Balloons Central - J.D. Coughlan

Imagine it drawn in the style of Michael Lark.

Panel 1: Ryan's office in Thought Balloons HQ. Ryan sits behind his desk, stern expression on his face, fingers steepled. JD sits across from him, still the cocky new hotshot.

RYAN: As you know, Coughlan, I announced my early retirement recently...

JD: A tragic loss to us all, sir.

Panel 2: Small. Close on Ryan. No-nonsense.

RYAN: Can the ass-kissing, kid.

Panel 3: On JD. His facade slipping a little, showing the nervousness underneath.

RYAN (OP): You'll be among the last batch of new recruits I personally hand-picked for this unit.

Panel 4: Over JD's shoulder. Ryan leans forward intensely.

RYAN: There is a reason for that.

Panel 5: Outside Ryan's office, the "bullpen" area. The other Thought Ballooners work frantically at their desks. We can still see Ryan and JD's silhouettes through the glass. Ryan is gesturing to the others.

RYAN: (Through the glass) I need you to keep an eye on my boys and report back to me, in secret...

Panel 6: Small. Very close on JD. He is stunned, completely breaking his facade.

RYAN (OP): One of them is not who he appears to be...



  1. Funny enough, this feels like a distant sequel to the script I wrote for this week.

  2. Hehe, I thought that too when I read yours. Great minds.

  3. It's me! I'm one of the lizard people. Great synchronicity there guys, even if it was unintentional.

    1. *GASP!*

      What have you done, Ryan?! You've left this site in the hands of the lizard folk!


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