Saturday, June 23, 2012

Skullkickers - The Musical! - R.A. Wonsowski (the American Zombie)

Panel 1 - BALDY and SHORTY are running left to right full bore across the barren plains of Leng, chased by CTHULHU.

SFX:  (of their running) HPL-HPL-HPL-HPL

Panel 2 - BALDY, SHORTY, and CTHULHU skidding on their heels to a stop.


Panels 3 to 6 - Artist's choice.  BALDY, SHORTY, and CTHULHU dancing in perfect synchronization, in cartoony exaggeration, looking towards the reader as if sitting in the audience.  Copy is as follows:

Panel 3 -

Caption:  (sung to the melody of "Hakuna Matata" from The Lion King)

BALDY & SHORTY:  Cthulhu f'thagn!  What a won-der-ful phrase!

Panel 4 -

BALDY & SHORTY:  Cthulhu f'thagn!  He's R'lyeh set in his ways!

Panel 5 -

BALDY & SHORTY:  We'll be batshit insane - For the rest of our days!

Panel 6 -

BALDY & SHORTY:  It's us two pleasant sods - Against an Elder God...

Panel 7 -  Big finish!  All step toward us, giving us the jazz hands, BALDY and SHORTY enthusiastic.  CTHULHU is smiling beneath his cepholapod tentacles.

ALL:  Cthulhu f-tha-gn!!


  1. An interesting choice - I still maintain that a music hasn't been used to its full potential in comics (with Cassanova and Phogram coming the closest).

    Personally, I didn't really dig the page, sorry Ray. I understand that you are going for that Warner Bros type of lunacy, but unfortunately it just didn't sing for me (pun intended).

    1. I'm going to guess that music hasn't been used that much in comics because it's so difficult to translate music to print.

  2. I'm with Ben on this one, Ray. I applaud you for going out and trying something different with this page - Lord knows I could stand to do more of that myself - but the pieces don't quite come together for me. I think it's a little too cartoony for the Skullkickers universe, which niggles at me.

    Also, I'm still not sold on the use of "shit" in a Skullkickers comic, but we all know how big of a prude I am when it comes to profanity.

  3. The title alone made me laugh, but the inclusion of Cthulhu made me hysterical. And then throwing in The Lion Kind... Genius.

    Maybe it's just 'cause I like silly things.

  4. Good page, good concept. It'd be hell to try to actually sing the thing, though.
    Might drive a man to madness.

  5. Gotta admit, I had a difficult time with this week's page. Sometimes the chicken just burns on that grill...

    Ah, well, there's always next week.

    Thank you for all your constructive comments. Much appreciated. You guys rock!

  6. By Zeus that last panel needs to be commissioned and drawn.


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