Thursday, June 21, 2012

Skullkickers – Pest Control – Shaun Richens.



1. A piece of parchment is nailed to a wooden notice board. We are tight on the parchment so the reader can make out what is written on it.

Pest control needed.
A Giant Rat infestation troubles a Taverns cellar.
 A hundred gold pieces to whom ever clears them out.

Speak to Gif at The Sleeping Dragon Tavern if interested.

2. We have pulled back BALDY and SHORTY are looking at each other smiling. The notice hangs on the board in between them.

         NO COPY

3. SHORTY’s gloved hand pulls the notice down from the board. They are taking the job on.


4. BALDY and SHORTY stand at the bar of THE SLEEPING DRAGON TAVERN. They are talking to the large fat, yet joyful looking bar keep He is cleaning a mead tankard with his dirty shirt corner.

         GIF 1
         Oh aye we been having a problem with them bloody giant rats.
         It’s always the way with these old taverns.

         GIF 2
         Shall I show you lads to the cellar then?

5. From behind BALDY and SHORTY we are looking up at the huge Bear sized Rat that stands before them. It has risen up on its back legs like a bear does. Its long pink rat-tail flails around wildly behind it. Its long front tooth hangs menacingly from its huge salivary jaw.

         He's a big one.

         One? Didn't the notice say them?

         GIANT RAT


  1. Nice simple page here, Shaun. The idea is solid and the execution works well. I like that you let the images do all the talking and save the punchline for that last moment. This is a page that could stand on its own (as it does here) or start off the beginning of a longer story. I dig it.

  2. Really effective time jumping here - so effective that I think Panel 3 isn't necessary. By omitting it, you set up the time jumps earlier on, so the last panel flows on better. Great work, however. Great subtle comedic tone here.

  3. Simple, effective with a great pay off/last panel. Excellent economic storytelling.

  4. Thanks for the nice feedback boys, in all honesty been finding my writing difficult at the moment this has given me a nice little boost.


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