Sunday, June 17, 2012

Skullkickers - Taming Troubles - Grant McLaughlin

For context, this page would take place in the midst of a story where Shorty has come back to where ever he and Baldy reside with a giant, terrible, slimy toad-like monster that would roughly be between the size of a large cow and a small house.  Shorty calls said monster "Steve" and wants to keep it as a pet.  Baldy is somewhat leery of the proposition, but relents to give Shorty a try to tame it.  This page would be part of said taming.

1 - Shorty holds a book whose cover reads "An Oaf's Guide To Taming Pets".  There is a picture of a clueless looking dwarf (who shares a strong resemblance to Shorty) on the cover.  Shorty looks pensively at what's written within.

SHORTY (1): Lemme see...

SHORTY (2): Roll over!

2 - Steve the horrible toad monster sits there, doing nothing.  No dialogue.

3 - Shorty is a little surprised.  Not to be disappointed, he tries a change of tactics.

SHORTY (1): Oookay.  Mebbe a little much for ye.  How about...

SHORTY (2): Speak!

4 - Repeat panel 2.  Steve continues to do nothing.  No dialogue.

5 - Baldy comes in, looking over Shorty's shoulder at the book and pointing at a particular entry.  Shorty pushes him away, insisting he doesn't need any help.

BALDY: Try that one.

SHORTY: Shove off!  I don' need yu meddlin' in me hard work.  I can do this on me own.

6 - Turning back to his "pet", Shorty tries a third command, looking confident in the chances of success.


7 - Repeat panel 2.  Steve continues to do nothing.  No dialogue.

8 - Shorty turns to Baldy, a smug smile on his face.

SHORTY: See?  I told y--

9 - Steve starts belching fire everywhere.  Shorty and Baldy duck down to get out of the way of the projectile flames.

SFX: Fire Belch!


  1. I have sadly only read the first trade of this great book (something I am looking at correcting. :) ) Your page captures the tone and feel of the comic I have been loving and would fit in perfectly. Your use of repeat panels adds to the comic effect and I feel you nailed Shorty as a character. Great way to kick off the week.

  2. Nailed the humour of the book I think. Plus, Steve is a perfect name for the pet.

  3. Great page Grant. Hit all the comedic beats of a medieval buddy cop film. Not a bad thing!


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