Sunday, July 15, 2012

Batman – Batman: Of the Asylum – MK Stangeland Jr.

Page 1

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: Exterior shot of ARKHAM ASYLUM. The weather is dark and cloudy, giving the place the atmosphere that might normally be expected. However, the actual building itself, if one looks past the dark and gloomy atmosphere, should look much less depressing than one would normally expect of ARKHAM – rather, the building itself should almost come across the opposite of what one would expect of the ARKHAM that we are used to.

TEXT BOX 1: (JAMES GORDON) Dr. Gordon’s Personal Medical Journal – May 1st

Panel 2: Interior shot of DR. GORDON’s office – it’s the office of the head of ARKHAM ASYLUM, with focus on the rooms main desk. Sitting at the desk is JAMES GORDON, and he is writing in a journal.

TEXT BOX 1: (JAMES GORDON) I believe that I have fully adjusted to my position as head of Arkham Asylum since filling the position left vacant by Dr. Arkham himself.

TEXT BOX 2: (JAMES GORDON) In that time, there has come into our care one individual who particularly fascinates me.

Panel 3: Interior panel of a cell inside of ARKHAM ASYLUM. It’s a dark room, and looks like an approximation of that giant computer area from the BATCAVE, or at least as close as someone could get if they were a resident of an asylum. Sitting in the chair, wearing a crude mask and cape over his inmates outfit, is BRUCE WAYNE.

TEXT BOX 1: (JAMES GORDON) The patients name is Bruce Wayne. His backstory is an deeply sad one. He has multiple conditions; I could spend several pages listing and explaining them.

TEXT BOX 2: (JAMES GORDON) His uncle, a kind old man named Alfred Pennyworth, is paying for the best care money can buy. He visits as often as he can.

TEXT BOX 3: (JAMES GORDON) What I find most curious, however, is that when anyone other than Mr. Pennyworth addresses Mr. Wayne by his real name, he replies with only three words.

Panel 4: Panel 4 should take up the left portion of the bottom of the page, setting up and leaving room for panels 5 and 6 to follow right next to it. Focus should be on BRUCE WAYNE, upper body, as he sits in his chair.


Panel 5: Panel 5 takes up the bottom middle of the page, right between panels 4 and 6. Panel is closer to BRUCE WAYNE, focusing more on his face.


Panel 6: Panel 6 takes up the bottom right third of the page, finishing the three panel sequence started by panel 4. Panel has closed in on BRUCE WAYNE’s head.


(End Page)

(So running out of time and not coming up with another unique idea I liked enough, I decided to do something not quite in tune with the normal ‘Batman’. Though I think the idea of doing an out of continuity story which plays up the idea of Bruce Wayne not being entirely sane to as an exaggerated point as possible has some real merit if done right.)


  1. I love Elseworld-style stories, especially Batman ones, and this is a great idea for one. I like how you've rearranged Gordon and Alfred into this world, and I'd like to see more characters done similarly if you were to expand it (The Joker as a fellow inmate, perhaps? Catwoman as an old girlfriend? And what about Dick Grayson?) So much potential there.

    Great build up to that final classic line too. I confess I have used it in my script too, and wouldn't be surprised if we weren't the only ones.

    The only thing I'd change is maybe reverse the elements in the opening panel so that the Asylum is the same, but the weather is pleasant for once (and it's daytime), just to show that everything's the same but in a different environment.

    1. "The only thing I'd change is maybe reverse the elements in the opening panel so that the Asylum is the same, but the weather is pleasant for once (and it's daytime), just to show that everything's the same but in a different environment."

      I'd say that's a brilliant idea you have there. I love it :^D

  2. That's a great concept and I love the pacing of the page. There's real menace in those last few panels.

  3. Neat concept with a lot of potential story and character wise.

    The page is also a reminder of that line that Bruce straddles, a sliver away from the abyss.


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