Saturday, July 21, 2012

Batman - Begins Beyond - R.A. Wonsowski



Panel 1 - Across the top of the page, the Gotham City skyline, at dusk, the sky a burning blood red.  It should look like a cross between old Prague and "Blade Runner" L.A.  Wayne Tower is center and prominent.

CAPTION:  2019

Panel 2 - Close-up on the face of BRUCE WAYNE.  His face is pale, sunken and tired.  His hair is greying at the temples.  His expression is between sadness and anger.

CAPTION (Bruce):  It's all different now.

CAPTION (Bruce):  Alfred.  Jim.  Lucius.  Memorialized by stone markers in grassy plots.

Panel 3 - Same as Panel 2, but BRUCE is beginning to pull his black cowl over the top of his head.

CAPTION (Bruce):  Dick.  Jason.  Tim.  Won't speak to me anymore.

CAPTION (Bruce):  Barbara's walking her father's road.  Damian's walking his mother's.

Panel 4 - Same as above, except the cowl is now over his eyes, the signature white lenses glare a little.

CAPTION (Bruce):  Doesn't matter.

CAPTION (Bruce):  The past is done.

Panel 5 - The cowl is now fully over his face, revealing that this is the mask from the powered Batsuit from Batman Beyond.

CAPTION (Bruce):  The future is beyond.  Someone will follow my steps.  Someday...But...

CAPTION (Bruce):  Bunny Vreeland is out there.  Abducted.  Scared.

Panel 6 - BATMAN (Bruce in the full Batman Beyond costume) jumps off the Wayne Tower roof, arms spreading the red wings of the exosuit.

CAPTION (Bruce):  My war is now.


  1. I'm not familiar with the Batman Beyond character, but I did like your script here.

    1. Oh, man, when Dini and Murakami finished with the Batman and Superman animated series, they came up with Batman Beyond, which made me late for work every Saturday it was on. Very cool cartoon - well worth watching:


  2. Not familiar with the Beyond stuff either I'm afraid. I feel like I'd get more from it if this was the case.


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