Thursday, July 19, 2012

Batman – Death Becomes Him – Shaun Richens.

Set up: This tale takes place in the Nolan Batman universe.

Before this final page Batman has been engaged in a bloody all out brawl with the villain known as Bane. He barely leaves with his life. We pick up with his return to the newly rebuilt Wayne mansion.

PAGE 22.


1. ALFRED is standing in the grand and luxurious master bedroom of Wayne manor. A beautiful dark oak four-poster bed rests fresh and un-slept in. A full moon is bright in the sky its eerie light splashing into the room from the main window of the room.

         NO COPY

2. Making his way down the secret and secure back stair well to the batcave ALFRED wears a look he has worn a thousand times, a look of worry, a worry that his master and friend Bruce Wayne will not be returning home.

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3. A huge set of computer screens illuminate the dim batcave. A large seat sits in front of them its back to us. ALFRED stands patiently to one side, his back to us as well.

         You are home later than usually this evening Master Wayne.

4. A similar layout to panel 3. However now the seat has swiveled around. BRUCE WAYNE sits slumped in the chair. He is only wearing the bottom half of his Batman costume. His cape hangs over one side of the huge seat. His face is bruised and bloody as are his ribs, which he is slowly trying to wrap in bandages. Over one of his knees rests his bat cowl half ripped up and soaked in dried blood.

         BRUCE 1:
         I ran into a little bother.

         ALFRED 1:
         Well better later than never sir.

         ALFRED 2:
         You missed supper. Shall I warm you something up?

         BRUCE 2:
         I’m going back out Alfred. Gotham needs me.

         ALFRED 3:
         But sir? You are in no state to go back out gallivanting.

5. Same layout as 3. BRUCE has turned his chair so it’s back is to us again. ALFRED has turned to face us. His face hangs low, and for once he really shows his age, his fear for his friend hangs heavy on him.

        ALFRED (Quietly to himself):
You’re going to be the death of one of us Bruce. I just hope its not you.
6. A close up on ALFREDs face. A single tear rolls down his cheek.

         NO COPY.


  1. Solid script but one more read through may have caught the grammatical error.

    Sorry to be a stickler.

  2. Now that the movie is actually out and all, it's interesting to see how this compares to the way the movie actually went.


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