Monday, July 16, 2012

Batman - Enough - Ben Rosnthal

1. A tight shot of your typical henchman, wide eyed in horror as he watches something before him. Shadows on his face tell us he is witnessing a devastating fight. He bleeds from the nose – it’s broken.

2. A shot of The Joker’s face, being punched by a black gloved fist. Batman is punching him, and we know that it is him; however we cannot see all of him.  Joker’s smile has been replaced with blood, as teeth fly out of his mouth as the punch connects.

3. A series of tight panels, each showing a part of the Joker being hit with brute force – this one shows a brutal blow to Joker’s abdomen.

4. This shows a knife edged strike to Joker’s throat.

5.  A shot of the henchman again.  He looks more scared than ever.

HENCHMAN (quietly, to himself)
He’s going to kill him.

6. A longer panel showing a side shot of Joker’s torso and head. He is unconscious. Batman’s fist is ploughing into Joker’s spine, breaking it.


7. A shot of Batman from the front.  He is releasing his grip on Joker’s hair, who is falling to the ground.  This is the first time we see Batman – he is cold un emotionless.

He’ll live. His victims won’t.


  1. The moment when Batman finally has enough? At least you didn't have him kill. For one crazy moment, I thought you were going to pull a switcheroo and Joker was beating himself up while wearing a Bat-glove...

  2. Good build up the last panel (juxtaposing the action nicely with the henchman's reactions).

    It would have been kind of neat to hear some of Batman's internal monologue during this page.

  3. I really like how you transmit that palpable fear from the thug in Panel 5. It's one of those moments that just FEELS real. And even though we know that Batman doesn't kill, for that one panel, I was as unsure as the thug. What a great moment.


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