Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Batman - Some Nights - Grant McLaughlin

The first three panels are all the same size, a third of the page in width and a little under two thirds in height.  The rest of the page is a single panel with a panel inset on the lefthand side.

The scene is Gotham City.  Night time.

1 - Almost a bird's eye shot (think GTA 1 or 2).  The Batmobile is driving through some tight alleys, coming to a dead-end.  The Batmobile would be near the bottom of the panel.

CAPTION (BATMAN): You never know what you'll find on the streets of Gotham at night.

2 - Switch to an angle closer to street level.  The Batmobile is just visible at the bottom of the panel.  The focus is on Batman (who is towards the middle of the panel), who stands next to the alley's wall.  He holds his grappling hook gun, firing it upwards.  He is facing away from the reader.

SFX: ka-BOW!

CAPTION (BATMAN): At any time you can find yourself face to face with cutthroats.  Murderers.  Psychopaths.  Or worse.

3 - On top of the rooftop.  Batman is walking towards the corner of the building (which is at the top of the panel).  He continues to face away from the reader.

CAPTION (BATMAN): It's never easy.  Every night is a challenge.

4 - Inset panel.  All it is is the lower half of Batman's face.  He is smiling.

CAPTION (BATMAN): But some nights...

5 - The docks.  An over the shoulder shot of Batman looking down on the docks from his perch on a nearby roof.  The focus is on a group of bad guys unloading some bad guy stuff from a docked ship.  The gang's leader is Killer Moth, who is standing around shouting orders as the other men unload.

KILLER MOTH: Let's get a move on!  We need to get outta here before the Batman shows up!

CAPTION (BATMAN): Well, some nights are less challenging than others.


  1. Extra points for using Killer Moth, but the set-up prior to his reveal is nicely paced. And I always like it when Batman smiles.

  2. I like that opening shot (reminded me of a similar setup in Fincher's Zodiac).

    Nice use of Killer Moth too!


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