Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Batman- Start -Dan Hill

Came up with a blank for this one (as is usually the case for the bigger characters) and as such this is very last minute.

The page takes a panel from Miller's Year One as a jumping off point. This is the panel where Batman makes his presence first known to the criminal element by diving down on three young hoodlum's on a fire escape who are in the midst of stealing some TV's in the middle of the night.

This panel (or a facsimile thereof) takes up the majority of the page.


I tried to also caption the page in a kind of free verse. Not sure if it works, but hey, experimentation!

Page One

Panel One

OPEN on a TIGHT SHOT on YOUTH 1. He wears a red sweater with jeans and white trainers. He's perched up on the railings of the fire escape, eyes wide with fear. 

CAPTION:  His father vanished and left a hole

CAPTION:  that drugs and crime could not fill.

Panel Two

The centrepiece of the page-- BATMAN swooping down towards the fire escape, head tucked in, cape hunched around him slightly as it trails behind him like a pair of wings. 

YOUTH 1 has his back to us and has leapt up onto the railings to escape the monster from above. 

Behind Batman YOUTH 2, dressed in grey sweatshirt and jeans, screams in horror. He's sank to his knees. 

To the left of Batman, falling backwards over the railings of the fire escape is YOUTH 3. He's dressed in white trainers, a black sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. 

The stolen TV's have all been dropped. 


Panel Three

CUT TO a TIGHT SHOT of Youth 2, still screaming. 

CAPTION:  Everything went his way until his knee went

CAPTION:  purpose lying broken on a football field.

Panel Four

CUT TO a TIGHT SHOT on Youth 3, his mouth open in shock as he falls over the railings to certain doom.

CAPTION:  Bad from day one,

CAPTION:  no fall from grace.

Panel Five

CUT TO a CLOSE UP on Batman, his face is a picture of concentration. 

CAPTION:  Guilt, rage and vengeance given form

CAPTION:  A shape in black,

CAPTION:  the void and the night. 

Panel Six

WIDE PANEL. A shot of the Gotham skyline-- night. 

CAPTION:  They all remember the first time.

CAPTION:  Of all the stories in the city that night, 

CAPTION:  this one took hold.

CAPTION:  A mark made. Things changed forever. 

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  1. I love the script here, it has real weight. Yes, Dan, it works.


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