Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dr. Dinosaur – Atomic Robo and the Mirrors of the Impossible – MK Stangeland Jr.

(Dr. Dinosaur has used a less powerful variation of Atomic Robo and Tesla’s Electronoscope/Dimensional Portal to establish contact with other versions of himself in neighboring dimensions. The room he’s in has roughly a dozen TVs and microphones set up to allow him to communicate with his alternate versions through the machine.

What he didn’t expect, however, is that he also ended up contacting an alternate evil version of Atomic Robo, who decided to use an actual version of the Electronoscope to just pay Dr. Dinosuar a visit in person.)

(6 Panels)

Pane 1: Standing where the energy signature previously was is DR. ROBO – an evil version of ATOMIC ROBO from an Evil Mirror Universe. He’s wearing a dapper-looking suit that’s not inappropriate for active field use and is currently letting off a bit of smoke and steam from his travel through the Electronoscope. The appearance of his face should have a mild change to give the appearance of what passes for a small metal goatee on his chin and a mustache under where his ‘nose’ would be.

Panel 2: DR. DINOSAUR has a ‘hissing’ look on his face. He grabs a nearby ‘explosive magnet’ gun. It looks like it’s been cobbled together from spare parts.

DR. DINOSAUR: Atomic Robo?! How dare you discover my secret cave! It’s supposed to be a secret!

Panel 3: DR. ROBO walks forward, unfazed by the weapon that’s currently pointed at him.

DR. ROBO (1): That’s DR. Robo to you.

DR. ROBO (2): And to answer your question, you practically invited me here you moron.

Panel 4: Upward-angled panel – DR. DINOSAUR fires his weapon at DR. ROBO. The ‘shots’ look kind of like small hockey pucks.


DR. DINOSAUR (2): If I am the moron, then why it is you who is being shot?

SFX: Thwuk Thwuk

Panel 5: DR. ROBO looks down as the explosive magnets attach to his torso.

SFX: Thunk Thunk

Panel 6: DR. ROBO looks back up at DR. DINOSAUR. DR. DINOSAUR presses a button on his gun. DR. DINOSAUR has a sinister smile on his face.

DR. ROBO: Was that supposed to…



(The following page would then feature a large explosion as the ‘magnets’ blow up. Not that it would kill Dr. Robo, of course.)


  1. What a nice script. This is the script that I like because it has start and the beautiful ending. I will imagine this like my favorite cartoon characters.

  2. Your love and understanding for the super genius reptile that is Dr Dinosaur shines through in every inch of this page. From that opening piece of dialogue which is so brilliantly on point with the character, through to the cartoon comedy moment of that final panel. Great way to kick us off MK.

  3. Solid script that's squarely in the mould of the slapstick tinged confrontations between the pair.

    Also, I need to see Robo's evil twin drawn now.

    Evil twins are the best.

  4. Wow. That's quite the concept you have going on here, MK. It's big, it's zany, and it's perfect. This fits right in, and like Dan, I want to meet Dr. Robo. Metallic goatees are the best.

    Also: "If I am the moron, then why it is you who is being shot?" is genius. Pure genius.


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