Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dr. Dinosaur - Behold! An Ordinary Angler! - Grant McLaughlin

Four panels of equal size.  They each span the width of the page and are a quarter of the page in height.

The scene: Dr. Dinosaur is fishing.  No seriously.  He's in the middle of a huge, picturesque lake.  It's gorgeous.  There's trees in the background.  Maybe a mountain or two.  It's pretty much the nicest fishing scene you could imagine for a comic book featuring an atomic powered robot and his talking dinosaur nemesis.

But I digress.

PAGE 2 (Page 1 was a splash page of Dr. Dinosaur fishing.  It was glorious.)

1 - Dr. Dinosaur continues to sit in his plain ol' rowboat, fishing rod in hand (claw?).  As on the first page, he is in full angler attire - one of those ridiculous hats with hooks and stuff all over them, a plaid shirt, overalls, and so forth.  His line is in the water.  He watches on patiently.  Of course, patiently for Dr. Dinosaur is still a pretty goofy expression.  No dialogue.

2 - Dr. Dinosaur and his boat have not moved.  However, another boat appears to be coming in from the left side of the panel.  At the moment, all we can see is the prow of the second boat.  No dialogue.

3 - Dr. Dinosaur and his boat have not moved.  The second boat has pulled up beside him.  It's Atomic Robo.  No dialogue.

4 - Dr. Dinosaur's line has been grabbed by something.  His rod bends against the force.  Dr. Dinosaur looks towards Atomic Robo, giving him the same goofy face he's had those first three panels.

ATOMIC ROBO: What are you doing?


  1. It's kind of goofy and funny but heck so is the idea of the character in general and i think it's that strange juxtaposition of super intelligent reptile gone fishing in a beautiful scene that I love here. The angler attire would be a great visual gag for the page and the build up of Atomic Robo heading out in his own boat makes me think of road runner cartoons for some reason, but again I dig that. Fun little page.

    Side note your little notes in your descriptions made me smile a lot, this was a fun read.

  2. The last line!

    Four simple panels sold completely on the goofiness and expressions of Dino. Amazing.

    Great page.

  3. I echo Robo's question: What IS he doing? I can't help but suspect there's something sneaky and devious that Dr. Dinosaur has planned, but I also can't help but wonder if the sneaky and devious plan is to just fish and troll Robo with the IDEA that he has something far more sinister in the works. Even if I suspect Robo wouldn't wait for an excuse to just attack Dr. Dinosaur regardless.

    Still, I love it.

  4. Thanks, gents! Once I got the idea of Dr. Dinosaur out on a lake in my head, I knew that I needed to make it happen. I'm glad it could bring a smile to your faces.


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