Monday, July 9, 2012

Dr. Dinosaur - Big is Better - Ben Rosenthal

1. A crude looking robot, resembling a human slumps the the floor at Atomic Robo's feet having just been beaten. This is a close up of the human robot, some can only see Atomic Robo's legs and feet.

ROBO (off panel)

Sfx: Shunk.

2. Atomic Robo stands in the middle of a large room. the robot human from the previous panel is slumped at his feet. Around him are 10 or so other crude robot humans.
The back of the room (facing the reader) is blacked out, with glimpses of machinery seen catching the light. Around the walls that we can see are other bits of machinery and screens. Atomic Robo is looking around, searching for Dr Dinosaur.

Is this your attempt at irony? 


3. A close up of Atomic Robo's face, one eye skewed as he tries to understand Dr Dinosaur's rambling.

It is a distraction.

It's an impossibility - you don't have opposable thumbs. 

4. A large panel, framed the same as the first. A giant robot is emerging from the shadowed wall.  It is easily three times the size of Robo. Where it's head should be sits Dr Dinosaur, controlling the robot.

I have bigger genius, and now bigger robot.



  1. What's great about this page, other than the giant robot I mean, is the fact that you clearly understand that Robo makes Dr Dinosaur better and vice versa. The way you use the interplay and banter between the two makes each one the better for it. The page has truly great synergy.

    1. That'd be another reason why I think Dr. Dinosaur makes such a great villain for Atomic Robo - they bring out the best/worst in each other, which makes everything they do all that much more entertaining to read.

      It's also part of what makes me love this script, Ben - it completely DOES sound like something Dr. Dinosaur would do. And it's also a great touch the way you have Robo continuing his streak of trying to explain away Dr. D and everything he does as impossible.

  2. Robo is easily one of my favourite things in comics right now. I love the zany science, brains in jars, moving pyramids, all that stuff.

    This page nails that tone. A dinosaur controlling a robot dinosaur.

    All other arguments are invalid.

  3. Really nice page, Ben. As already noted, some excellent back and forth between our leads. I like how you have Robo questioning the possibility of Dr. Dinosaur's plan before the reader even gets to see what it is. It's a fun choice and the close-up on his doubting face is a great way to do it.


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