Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dr. Dinosaur- Cover -Dan Hill

Page Eight

Panel One:
Wide panel. We open on a shot of ATOMIC ROBO on the right hand side of the panel as he takes cover behind a desk. He’s dressed in combat trousers, boots and a green flak vest. Around him lies the wreckage of a once pristine open plan office-- desks, chairs, vending machines all torn to ribbons. Bits of the ceiling and floor are charred. Some shit is going down here.

In the background, on the left of the panel is another desk. We can see the tiny hand of DR. DINOSAUR throwing a GRENADE towards ROBO’s position. The grenade bounces towards ROBO.

Also in the background we can see ceiling high windows. We’re on the top floor of the ATLANTIC RECORDS BUILDING in downtown New York.

CAPTION:  Atlantic Records, 1999.

SFX:  Aka-lacka-lacka

ATOMIC ROBO:  You’ve got nowhere else to go!

Panel Two:
CUT TO a tight shot on DR. DINOSAUR taking cover behind the desk across the room from ROBO.

DR. DINOSAUR narrows his eyes-- plotting. Inexplicably he is wearing a red baseball cap (backwards naturally).  

SFX (OFF):  Boom!

DR DINOSAUR:  I am a hit record producer now. Mammalian pop music welcomes me!

ATOMIC ROBO (OFF):  Oh, just give up.

Panel Three:
ROBO peers over the smoking wreckage of the desk cautiously. Smoke rises from his slightly charred head.

ATOMIC ROBO:  You’re insane. You know that, right?

Panel Four:
DR. DINOSAUR does the same, peeking over the edge of his cover.

DR DINOSAUR:  It’s only a matter of time before the subliminal messages take hold.

DR DINOSAUR:  Soon, every meat puppet will...walk the dinosaur.

Panel Five:
Tight on ROBO, now standing up, pointing towards CAMERA.  

ATOMIC ROBO:  You didn’t?

 ATOMIC ROBO:  You...monster.

Panel Six:
Tight on DR. DINOSAUR now standing, claws at the ready. For lack of a better description he’s dressed like Fred Durst.  

He beams at Robo’s ‘compliment’.

DR DINOSAUR:  Your compliments will not disarm me.

Panel Seven:
Wide panel. DR. DINOSAUR and ROBO rush towards each other.

DR. DINOSAUR has begun to leap, claws at the ready. ROBO has his fist raised, ready to lay the smackdown.

DR DINOSAUR (SINGING):  It was a night like this forty million years ago...

ATOMIC ROBO:  Shut up!

CAPTION: Kid Rock's cover of 'Walk The Dinosaur' was never released. It is a highly sought after collectible, despite evidence that all copies were destroyed. 

CAPTION: There are rumours that crushed copies of the CD were buried in a landfill in Delaware.


  1. BWAH-hahahaha!!! That was (not was) Awesome! And the Postscript was icing on the cake! Very funny stuff...

  2. Wow, the number of panels you have here is...massive O__O

    1. Well, the number of panels you did have, at least. Or was I imagining things earlier?

  3. A really unexpected page, which I feel I loved even more for the surprise. The You Monster line and the final set of captions made me laugh, which is very difficult thing to pull off through a single page script. This was a joy to read mate.

  4. Heh. I'd formatted the script in Clevinger's style. He numbers his captions and dialogue so that the artist can get a sense of how much dialogue is on the page.

    In retrospect this seemed confusing so I removed the numbers.

  5. This whole plot is so convoluted and ridiculous that it fits perfectly with the character of Dr. Dinosaur. But even I don't know if he'd be able to pull it off...

    Side note: any opportunity for a character to explain that a compliment will not disarm them is a good decision, so good on you for that, too.


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