Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dr. Dinosaur – Future Fossils – Shaun Richens.

(Disclaimer: All I know of this character and the universe he inhabits is from what I have read online, so my tale may not make sense in continuity or maybe something that has already been covered in the books. However I hope it’s still a fun read.)

1. DR. DINOSAUR stands on the deck of fancy looking yacht. He has an AK 47 in one hand and a strange looking mechanical device in the other (It looks like this) The device has a crystal on top of it that blinks in an eerie purple colour. Standing across from DR. DINOSAUR is ATOMIC ROBO, he has is hands raised about his head as he tries to talk down the good Dr. down.

         Bermuda Triangle.

September 19, 2008

         Come on but your Ghostbusters prop down.

         DR. DINOSAUR
Shut your metal flap Atomic Hobo. Today is a special day for me. My crystals have bought me to the exact point at which I discover how I become a genius.

You’re implications that I am homeless cut deep Dr. that was unkind.

2. A close up off the device in DR. DINOSAUR’s claw? The crystal is at its brightest and the needle on the scale is shaking at its top end.

         DR. DINOSAUR
         A huge spike of mammal energy. This is it tin can.

3. A close up on DR. DINOSAUR’S face, a sly grin on his face.

         DR. DINOSAUR
         Time to find out what killed the dinosaurs.

4. A huge purple vortex explodes in between DR. DINOSAUR and ATOMIC ROBO knocking them both to the floor.


5. DR. DINOSAUR and ATOMIC ROBO still lie on the floor, the gun and device have fallen from the Drs claw. Smoke billows across the floor of the yacht as the vortex seals.

Standing in the wake of the vortex is a future version of DR. DINOSAUR. He looks like the present day version, however he wears an eye patch over one eye and has a robotic arm in place of his lost left limb. The robotic arm has what looks like an advanced version of the Telluric Interchanger built into it. FUTURE DINOSAUR has a strange look of pride on his face.

Good afternoon gentlemen. I take it you may both have some questions?


  1. An interesting premise, Shaun. I feel like some of the dialogue is a bit off, but that's understandable considering your exposure to the good doctor.

    I'm intrigued as to where such a situation could lead. Also the idea that Future Dr. Dinosaur is less crazy? That's kind of disturbing.

    Finally, Atomic Hobo! HA!

  2. Atomic Hobo is classic.

    Like Grant said, there are some dialogue issues (but this is understandable given the disclaimer).

    Also, I hate to be THAT guy, but there are a few missing commas.

    Other than that this was a valiant effort for someone with little exposure to the character. Kudos!


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