Friday, July 13, 2012

Dr. Dinosaur - Killing Time - J.D. Coughlan

Nine panel grid.

Panel 1: Atomic Robo sat at a table. There is a checkerboard on the table. Robo is winning the game.

ROBO: We need to talk.

Panel 2: The reverse view, as if from Robo's POV. Dr. Dinosaur is sat across him. Dr. Dinosaur moves a checker.

DR. DINOSAUR: Talk is for the weak-minded!


Panel 3: From above, but at an angle. Robo is raising his hand to make a point while moving a checker to take Dinosaur's.

ROBO: Actually, it's usually considered--

ROBO: Never mind.

ROBO: Anyhoo, I was thinking: Where is this relationship going?


Panel 4: Side view. Dr. Dinosaur rolling his eyes.

DR. DINOSAUR: Oh cheese!

Panel 5: Side view from the opposite side. Robo is shrugging.

ROBO: No, seriously. When will this all end?

ROBO: Are you gonna destroy me? Am I gonna destroy you? Are we both gonna destroy the world?

Panel 6: Dinosaur's POV across the table again. Angled so that he's looking at the checkerboard. He has very few pieces left. Robo is almost frustrated, but reigning it in.

ROBO: What's your plan?

Panel 7: Robo's POV. Dr. Dinosaur is staring straight at him/us, completely blank-faced, like a confused dog. His head could even be tilted.


Panel 8: Robo's POV. Dr. Dinosaur, with the exact same blank expression, is shoving a checker up his nose.


Panel 9: Robo's POV. Dr. Dinosaur, his hands back on the table, checker up his nose, stares at Robo/us.

DR. DINOSAUR: Checkmate.

DR. DINOSAUR: Your move.


With apologies to Alan Moore and Brian Bolland.

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  1. I liked this. If the artist got in nice and close it'd be a good piece to showcase a lot of expressions and comedy.

    One thing I might have done to switch things up is take the first panel of the reveal of the checkers board and put it last. Have the build up to the board with Robo's speech making the situation seem much more grandiose than it actually is.


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