Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Foggy Nelson - Blind Date - Grant McLaughlin

6 panels distributed among three rows.  First row has 2 panels.  Second row has 3 panels.  Third row has 1 panel.

1 - Foggy's apartment.  Foggy is adjusting his bowtie in the mirror, looking nervous.  Matt stands slightly back and to the side, looking pleased with himself.  Have the panel have a slight sheen to it, as this panel is the mirror's reflection.

FOGGY: I don't know about this, Matt.

MATT: Nonsense!  You've been off the market too long!  It's time to get back out there and see what's on offer!

2 - Same positioning, but reversed.  This panel is "real life".  Foggy looks towards Matt, curious.  Matt continues to smile.

MATT: You'll have a great time, Foggy.  I promise you that you'll love this girl.

FOGGY: That's the other thing - how many beautiful lawyers have you been keeping to yourself?

3 - Matt is walking away, moving behind Foggy.  Matt looks a bit smugger than before.  Foggy is turning around to see Matt as he goes.

MATT: The number would surprise you.

FOGGY: What --

SFX (interrupting): Ding Dong!

4 - Matt perks up a bit in response to the doorbell.  He moves towards the next room.

MATT (1): Oh!  Here's our lovely lady now!

MATT (2): Coming!

5 - Matt holds the door and points towards the recent arrival (who is still off-panel).  Foggy looks pleasantly surprised.

MATT: Franklin P. Nelson, may I introduce you to...

6 - Switch angle to focus on our new guest.  It's Jennifer Walters!  She's blushing a little bit and waving somewhat awkwardly.

MATT: Jennifer Walters!

JENNIFER (shyly): Hi.


  1. In the name of all of us overweight, working-class shlubs...THANK YOU!

    Seriously, though, this page has so much charm, and you really nail the voices of both Foggy and Matt. Great set-up to what could be a great date-night story.

  2. My mind goes to two questions - Is this before or after Jen gets a blood donation from her cousin, and if it's after, what happen to this situation when she Hulks out?

  3. Good hook and premise to the page with some really nice character work. Solid.

  4. Oh, boy. Now that's a team up.

  5. I'm glad that this one resonated with so many of you! Thanks!

    @MK - I didn't really have any specific point in continuity in mind, although I'd say it would probably be more interesting if Jen already had her She-Hulk powers.


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