Monday, July 23, 2012

Foggy Nelson – The Rain has Gone – Ben Rosenthal

1.  Matt and Foggy sit out the front of a cafe.  It is a bright, sunny day as the two men finish their light meal, sunglasses on.

How are you coping?

2.  A tight shot of Foggy.  We can see Matt’s reflection in Foggy’s sunglasses. Matt looks worried.

There’s a lot to get use to, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.  I mean, if you can do it I shouldn't have a problem, right?

3.  A wider shot than the first panel.  Matt is reaching for a cane which is leaning up against the side of the table, between the two men.

I don’t know how you maintain your attitude Foggy, you’re quite amazing.  We should go.  Don’t want to be late.

4.  A tight shot of Matt’s hand holding Foggy’s wrist with one hand, and handing him the cane with the other.

I do have one question though, Matt.


5.  A full body shot of both men, canes in hand walking down the street.  Foggy's free hand is placed on the inside of Matt's free arm.  Matt has a smile on his face.

My super powers will be kicking in any moment now, right?


  1. Interesting concept. It might have been neat to compare the different experiences both men go through and how they perceive the world given their difference in outlook (and presumably Foggy's lack of powers).

  2. I really like that last line. The perfect mixture of tongue in cheek and charm.


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