Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Lizard – Blood On My Hands- Shaun Richens.



Dr. Curtis Connors is sat on the floor of his laboratory; the limp body of Peter Parker rests across his legs. Peter is wearing his Spiderman costume but the mask lies bloody on the floor. Dr. Connors holds Peter in his arms like a child. The room is dark and shadows fall all over, half of the Doctors face is cast in shadow, the side of his face we can see is gaunt and haunted, his eye still holds the reptilian look of the LIZARD. Tears roll down his face as he looks at Peter in his arms.

         Two hours from now. 


  1. Someday, I'll get up the nerve to do a splash page. This has that great feel like a Renaissance sculpture of the 14th station of the cross. The caption, though, REALLY makes it. This is the kind of splash that would make me buy the issue flat out. Really cool...

    1. Thanks so much for such positive feedback mate. I am glad you dug the caption, I really wanted to use that wording, I'd added some punch that would have been missing if I was to say caption the next page with Two hours ago. The from now gives it some gravitas.

  2. This would work well as one of those 'second covers' you don't see as much in modern comics.

  3. Splash pages always impress me on this site, because you need to have a really solid idea for it to work. And you do. Oh, do you ever!

    This image is powerful and conveys so much information. And that caption is the perfect accompaniment. The page just sings in my mind, and like your Jonah Hex page, makes me ravenous for more.


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