Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Lizard - Brain Salad Surgery - R.A. Wonsowski

Layout:  Page divided in thirds:  top row - 3 panels, middle row - 2 panels, bottom row - 1 panel

Panel 1 - The face of NORMAN OSBORN, seen through the hole of a table headrest, like on a massage table or operating table.  His eyes betray his confusion.

OSBORN:  (small lettering) ...can't...move...

CONNORS:  (off-panel, Lizard lettering)  WaKeY-wAkeY.  EgGs-aNd-bAkeY.

CONNORS:  (off-panel, normal lettering)  Norman, please...

Panel 2 - Same as Panel 1, but Norman's eyes show his mind working frantically.

OSBORN:  Connors?  's that you?

CONNORS: (off-panel, Lizard lettering)  Can'T dO tHiS wIThOut yOu Wi-i-iDe aWakE.

CONNORS: (off-panel, Lizard lettering)  DoN't mAkE mE sLaP yOu.

CONNORS: (off-panel, normal lettering)  Norman, you have to keep still...

Panel 3 - Same as above, but now Norman's getting angry.

OSBORN:  Connors, I swear to God, you better -

CONNORS: (off-panel, Lizard lettering)  AmYGdaLa.  CrOcoDiLe bRaiN.

CONNORS: (off-panel, Lizard lettering)  WheRE feAr aNd pLeAsuRe aRe sAMe.

CONNORS: (off-panel, normal lettering)'re anemic.  If you tear the incisions, I may not stop you from bleeding out.

Panel 4 - Same as above, but Norman now shows shock.  To his right (our left side of the panel), we see the right-side profile of CURT CONNORS.

OSBORN:  (small lettering)

CONNORS:  (Lizard lettering)  i cAn sMeLL yOuR sWeaT. 

CONNORS:  (Lizard lettering)  TaSte oF coPPeR.  tErrOr-seX-pAniC.

Panel 5 - Same as above, except Norman's face now betrays his fear, a drop of blood has started to run from the edge of his cheek toward his eye.  CONNORS is gone, but to Norman's left, (our right side of the panel), we see the LIZARD's left-side profile.

OSBORN:  Connors.  I can help you...

LIZARD:  (normal lettering)  You are helping.

LIZARD:  (normal lettering)  You're my faithful assistant, on a journey of discovery, to the inner workings of our mutually abnormal brains.

Panel 6 - From slightly above, Norman Osborn face-down on an operating table.  He is strapped down.  The back of his head has been surgically opened, a portion of skull removed, and some pinkish-grey brain is exposed.  Wires extend from somewhere off panel into two probes inserted into the brain.  We see that he is also connected to an IV drip and a medical monitor.  Two surgeons and two nurses are dead on the floor, lying in pools of their own blood.  We also see now that CONNORS and the LIZARD share the same body.  His face/head is split so his left (our right) side is the LIZARD half, and his grin is monstrous.  His left arm however, is human; his regrown right one is reptilian.  He is naked except for an open lab coat, and we see his body is mottled between human and reptile skin.  He is looking down at the open skull, his lizard hand holding a scalpel, gleaming from the overhead light, ready to dig in.

CONNORS/LIZARD:  (normal lettering)  Trust me.

CONNORS/LIZARD:  (Lizard lettering)  i'M a dOcToR... be cont'd...


  1. That was just pure mentalosity. I approve of any script where Norman Osborn gets tortured by a mentalist.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Tense, moody, dark and with a gruesomely awesome end panel. The dialogue is sharp and builds up and pulls you through the page so well. Great damn page.

  4. I'm not sure this page would be 'greenlit' in the 616 but I love the imagery at play here and Lizard's voice (and lettering) are spot on.

    Nice work.

  5. I love the lettering you provide to differentiate the Lizard and Dr. Connors. And the dialogue you add to it only makes it better. This is some brilliant stuff that actually put Grant Morrison's Arkham Asylum in my mind. Loved it to pieces.


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