Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Foggy Nelson- Midnight Oil -Dan Hill

Page One (7 Panels)

Panel One
We OPEN inside the offices of Murdock and Nelson. It's well past the witching hour as FOGGY sits behind a desk. Books are strewn about on the desk along with a steaming cup of coffee. A desk lamp burns in the gloom of the office as moonlight streams down from the off panel skylight.

Foggy studies the books in front of him, a concentrated look on his face.

 CAPTION:  I will lead the blind by ways they have not known...

Panel Two
A shot looking up from the desk towards the skylight. We can see the moon, full in the sky, and DAREDEVIL leaping across the skylight on his way to some nefarious misdeed.

CAPTION:  ...along unfamiliar paths I will guide them;

Panel Three
CUT TO a tight shot of Foggy, still at his desk. He looks extremely fed up.

CAPTION:  I will turn the darkness into light before them...

Panel Four
CUT TO a WIDE PANEL of Daredevil somewhere else in town. He's in a sleazy looking back alley bar, all neon and sawdust.

Several of the patrons lie unconscious at his feet having made their acquaintance with his billy club.

Despite this, a few more of the less intelligent customers have begun to encircle DD.

Round Two.

CAPTION:  ...and make the rough places smooth.

Panel Five
CUT TO a chair somewhere in the offices of Nelson And Murdock. Daredevil's costume is draped over the chair. It's still night, shadows from the skylight are thrown across the panel in a criss cross manner.


Panel Six
CUT TO Foggy, still at his desk. He looks haggard and rumpled. But he's still studying. His determination shines through.

Behind him, over his shoulder, we can see Matt Murdock smiling. He's putting a reassuring hand on Foggy's shoulder.

CAPTION:  These are the things I will do;

Panel Seven
CUT TO a WIDE PANEL of Foggy and Nelson in the same office. It's morning now and both of them look presentable, businesslike even, despite their activities the night before.

A worried looking CLIENT, a portly man in his 50's, sits in a chair opposite the desk. On the desk we can see folders and documents spread out in an organised manner.

Foggy and Matt talk the client calmly through the coming storm. Foggy is still in the chair with Matt standing slightly behind him gesticulating, ever the showman.

CAPTION:  I will not forsake them.

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  1. I always admire writers who can weave the words of past works into their own writings in a natural and meaningful way. It took me a panel or two to warm up to the verse you selected here, by the end of the page, I really appreciated it.


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