Sunday, July 22, 2012

Why Foggy Nelson?

Because, like J.D. did for his first pick, I wanted to choose my favorite character in all of comics.

Then I found out Thoughtbaloons had already done a Daredevil week.

But seriously, Franklin "Foggy" Nelson, the Nelson in Nelson and Murdock, is usually the more down to earth side of a Daredevil story. Daredevil's fighting Nuke in the middle of Hell's Kitchen? Foggy and Gloriana are trying to survive the destruction. Daredevil's being broken by Typhoid Mary? Foggy's dealing with the moral dilemma of trying to defend a company who's polluting the environment.

So bone up on your legalese, it's Foggy Nelson week!


  1. Okay, I want to play this week, just 'cos I love Mr Nelson.

    Two things that bug me about the Matt and Foggy's relationship. One, why do some writers insist on Foggy eating junk food all the time? We know he's carrying a few extra pounds, no need to dwell on it. Two, where does Matt find the time to be Daredevil and a super-duper lawyer? So with that in mind (and remembering this is tongue in cheek)...

    Panel One
    Foggy at his desk, facing out towards reader. To one side a pile of papers, to another a stack of candy bars. He stares at the candy.

    FOGGY: Didn't they use Twinkies as a defense in some murder case once? Surely a fifth bar won't tip me over the edge?

    Panel Two
    Foggy, half eaten bar in his left hand, flicks through his papers with his right.

    FOGGY: I used to be a DA, you know. Now I'm knee deep in lame pro bono work because of Mr Superhero over there...

    Panel Three
    Foggy looks up and calls out loudly from his office to the adjoining one (out of shot).

    FOGGY: Matt, have you found a precedent yet for devious landlords who give discounts to supervillains in exchange for bragging rights?

    Panel Four
    Identical to above.

    FOGGY: Matt?

    Panel Five
    Foggy walks into Matt's office, which is empty. He sees a light blinking on Matt's phone, indicating a message.

    Panel Six
    Foggy pushes button on phone.

    MATT: Hey, Foggy. Just popped out to thump the Kingpin. You wouldn't write up the report for that final hearing tomorrow, would you? Kinda started it but you might want to start over. Love ya!

    Panel Seven
    Foggy shakes fist at open window

    FOGGY: Murdoooock!!!

    1. Nice, humorous little slice of their relationship. Good pacing too.

    2. Fun little page looking at the Foggy-Matt dynamic. And any page that ends with fist shaking directed at absent characters is golden in my books.


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