Friday, August 17, 2012

Captain Marvel - American Marvel - J.D. Coughlan

Three small panels across the top, one large panel taking up most of the page.

Panel 1: Close-up of Carol's chest (well covered, nothing fanservice-y) as she pulls on her new uniform - description below. Her face is unseen.

NICK FURY (CAP): There was always gonna be a return to status quo after a period of... respect. That's just how things go in our line of work, as you well know.

Panel 2: Close-up of Carol putting on one of her new boots. Face still unseen.

NICK FURY (CAP): And I won't B.S. ya -- you were a controversial choice among the older, "traditional" crowd.

Panel 3: Close-up of Carol picking up Captain America's shield. Face still unseen, although maybe more of it is in view this time.

NICK FURY (CAP): But I'm the oldest, most stubborn son of a b@%$# I know and I say -- with your military background, not to mention time in the Avengers...

Panel 4: Big. Carol stands proudly, but with responsibility heavy on her shoulders, in an amalgamation of her Ms. Marvel uniform and Captain America's. Hair cropped close, as it is now, and no mask. Perhaps the star symbol on her chest could taper off at two ends, suggestion the lightning bolt of her old costume? I'm no artist. It should definitely be sensible and not typical comic book cheesecake. She is carrying Cap's shield too. (I know she's invulnerable; it's symbolic!) Nick Fury stands behind her.

NICK FURY:'re gonna make one helluva CAPTAIN AMERICA!


This is obviously intended as a "What If?" story, set after Cap's death, in which Bucky really did die in WW2 and therefore there was no ideal replacement.


  1. I can't explain why with any real eloquence, but I loved this page. The feel and tone of it just made me smile the way only a truly cool moment in a comic can.

    I would love to see that last panel as a page turn splash to end an issue on.

  2. i concur with shaun, but i'll offer an explanation: it's delivery is simple, straightforward, but packs a meaningful punch, especially given carol danvers' history. there's an evident pathos of triumph and redemption on this page. dig it.

  3. I always forget about Carol's military background. Great detail to pick up. I also think you nailed Fury's voice: blustery, but respectful of ability. And I'll second that the sight of Carol cowl-less and carrying the shield is worthy of a full-on splash. The burden of two legacies (Captains Marvel and America) make me care about her as a character even more. The respect that you communicate in just four panels is inspiring.

  4. Nice concept executed in a clear and concise manner (nothing fancy, just straight up storytelling).

    It makes sense given the characters background too.


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