Saturday, August 18, 2012

Captain Marvel - Aware - Ray Wonsowski

...ok...bear with me, because I'm going for a kind of Starlin-ish vibe here...but this could get a little tricky for the artist; there's a LOT going on here.  But, pulled off, it could be really kickin'...

If this was a traditional page, I would say this would break down into 16 panels, 4x4 grid, but what it really is, is a 15-element splash with the 16th panel seperated by white space.  The 15 elements should bleed into one another, and the background should be a starfield.  The elements are:

1:  EON - Eon-Marvel Universe.jpg - the captions in the splash will be his (its?).

2:  MAR-VELL in his original Kree green-and-white uniform in a Colan-esque power-standing position, like on the cover of his first magazine.

3:  MAR-VELL in his 70's costume, flying (left to right).

4:  MAR-VELL's face, but his features, except for the hair and eyes, are in black shadow and replaced by a galactic cluster.

5:  CAROL DANVERS in her more familiar MS. MARVEL garb, flying upwards, but curving left.

6:  Two Skrull warriors, firing their laser pistols at...

7:  MAR-VELL, firing photonic blasts back at the scrulls, flanked by...

8:  Two Kree soldiers, their weapons drawn and at the ready, protecting the Supreme Intelligence -

9:  MAR-VELL on his death bed (we do not see the bedframe), tube in his nose.

10:  MONICA RAMBEAU, in her 80's costume, flying away from the bed, toward us, and behind...

11:  GENIS-VELL, in his Peter David-era costume, led by...

12:  PHYLA-VELL, in her Captain Marvel outfit, carrying her star-sword.

13 to 15:  Foreground, bottom of page, Earth people, all races and ages, looking up to the sky.  Background, almost transparent, Carol Danvers's head, naked shoulders and arms, looking slightly upward.  Her arms are outstretched, palms up, as if sheltering the people, an angelic repose on her face.  Her skin is bare, almost translucent.

Captions (EON):

 - KNOW that the charge to be bestowed upon you is not one for a mere footsoldier.

 - It requires COSMIC AWARENESS - unity with the Celestial Axis, the thread of life.

 - There will always be warriors to answer the cry for battle, willing to die for glory in the name of war unending.

 - But to be a PROTECTOR UNIVERSAL is a call to service, to be willing to live in humility for the sake of Life Itself.

 - Now, Carol Susan Jane Danvers - CHOOSE! - the clenched fist, or the sheltering hand?

Panel 16:  Separated from the rest.  Close-up, the serene, smiling face of CAROL DANVERS, with her new look.  Her eyes hold galaxies.

CAROL:  I choose - -

CAROL:   - - the open heart.


  1. Yes! That was my reaction before reading the dialouge. Very good. I even quickly drew the panel layout and could see it working nicely. Well done!

  2. Utterly spellbinding page. Each section in and of itself is cool and compelling but as a whole, and with the way you have structured it, it becomes so much more.

    This is a brave and epic theme to run with, but one you handle perfectly to produce a page that works on every level. Great stuff.

  3. You definitely captured the Starlin feel and layout here with all of the elements. Great page.


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