Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Captain Marvel – Head Trip – MK Stangeland Jr.

(While fighting NITRO and stopping him from exploding in a populated area, CAPTAIN MARVEL (CAROL DANVERS) unintentionally absorbed NITROs body due to being in contact with him when he went boom and her energy absorption powers taking over.

His mind has since settled into a portion of DANVERS head, though DR. STRANGE and PROFESSOR X are currently trying to help her get rid of the unwanted guest.)

(8 Panels)

Panel 1: NITRO comes to a rest face-down on the ground after his opening smack-down from CAPTAIN MARVEL (CAROL DANVERS) on the previous page.

CAPTAIN MARVEL lands in the background. A large amount of dirt and dust coming up around her feet strongly suggest she made a sliding landing.

NITRO: (Small, as though barely hearable) ahhh…

Panel 2: NITRO gets on one foot as he picks himself up. One of his hands is doing a ‘blood wipe/blood check’ at his mouth.

CAPTAIN MARVEL: (Off-panel) Eviction time.

NITRO (1): I thought you’d come.

NITRO (2): Too late. Couldn’t leave now even if I wanted to.

NITRO (3): Nothing left to go back to.

Panel 3: CAPTAIN MARVEL springs forward and hits NITRO with a cross punch. A tooth or two can be seen flying from his mouth due to the impact.

NITRO: I’ve made a home here. I’m even…


Panel 4: NITRO is down on one knee again, leaning over sidewise as he uses a single arm to keep himself off the ground. A touch of blood might be visible dripping from his mouth, but nothing that would by any means be considered excessive.

CAPTAIN MARVEL towers over him – she looks PISSED OFF.

NITRO (1): ow…

NITRO (2): Stop hitting me.

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Then get out.


Panel 5: NITRO stands up, though he’s hunched over as he hasn’t yet gotten his footing. His arm is in front of his face as he wipes away whatever’s there.

NITRO (1): I’m planning on expanding. Taking over.

NITRO (2): I may not prefer blondes, but once I’m done I’m definitely going to have more…

Panel 6: CAPTAIN MARVEL zooms in and hits NITRO with an uppercut that sends him flying backwards.


Panel 7: NITRO lands in a heap.

NITRO: ugh!

Panel 8: Close up on NITRO as he tries to pick himself up again.

NITRO: You should stop that.



  1. There's some real play at some high-concept stuff here. It's a great play off Nitro's powers, and I'm glad you used a legacy villain. "Stop hitting me" and the blood-check brought a smile from my face. All in all, this is a nice fight scene with some great moments.

  2. Excellent hook to this script and it was neat you used one of Carol's original adversaries.

  3. Not to mention this is the guy responsible for Mar-Vell's cancer and death.


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