Sunday, August 12, 2012

Captain Marvel - What it Means - Ben Rosenthal

1.  A quiet shot of a grave yard at night.  Everything is peaceful.  There are gravestones visible, with one in the foreground more noticeable than the rest.  On it we can just make out the words ‘CAPTAIN MARVEL’.

2.  Carol Danvers in full Captain Marvel uniform is flying back, hitting Captain Marvels tombstone as she has been punched in the stomach.  Hard.  Her uniform is torn in some bits, with bleeding cuts and bruises visible.

3.  A tight shot of Carol looking up at her unknown attacker.  She is weak and beaten.  Blood pours from her obviously broken nose.  She struggles to see through a badly swollen eye.

4.  Same as Panel 3, with Carol’s head bowed.  She is broken and wanting to give up.

5.  A wide panel showing Carol noticing the tombstone of Mar-Vell.  It is broken in two and lying on the ground, facing up.

6.  Carol is now on one knee, struggling to stand but refusing to stay down.  Where she was about to give up before, she now cannot be stopped.  She is determined.



  1. Surprisingly minimalist, considering it's your pick. But then, you do say a lot with a little.

    This is the stuff the superhero genre is made of: Getting knocked down, then picking yourself back up again.

  2. Damn you Rosenthal this is pretty much the idea I had come up with for Captain Marvel and you go and beat me to the punch and pull it off in a more elegant way than I had planned.

  3. I really like the description you provide for panel 3. That image really puts this page over the top in my mind. A simple concept, but a nice execution.

  4. Heroic, in the classical sense. It's so tight, and communicates so much with minimal dialogue, because you let her innate character shine through.

  5. Very traditional page, albeit one simply executed and constructed.

    Good stuff.


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