Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Captain Marvel- What's In A Name? -Dan Hill

Apologies about the lateness of this post. Never travel on a train where a potential crime may break out.

Anyway, without further ado:

The page consists of a top tier of two panels, a tier of five small vertical panels and a final tier of two panel.

We OPEN on a CLOSE UP of MYSTIQUE in her default form. She wipes a smear of blood from her teeth with the back of her hand.

MYSTIQUE:  You think you’re better than me? Above me?

CUT TO a CLOSE UP on CAPTAIN MARVEL. Smoke and grime cover her face. She has a fresh cut beneath her left eye.

MYSTIQUE (OFF):  We’re not so different.

CUT TO a small vertical panel of MYSTIQUE. She has her back to a wall of sophisticated looking computer equipment. We’re in a control room somewhere deep in the bowels of a military base.

MYSTIQUE:  Carol Danvers.

FIXED PANEL. MYSTIQUE has now morphed into CAROL DANVERS wearing the original MS. MARVEL costume.

MYSTIQUE:  Ms. Marvel.

FIXED PANEL. Another change, this time into CAROL wearing the more modern MS. MARVEL costume (the black one with the sash, etc).

MYSTIQUE:  Warbird.

FIXED PANEL. A change into Carol in the guise of BINARY.


FIXED PANEL. A final change into CAROL wearing her current CAPTAIN MARVEL costume.

MYSTIQUE:  And now Captain Marvel.

MYSTIQUE:  Why pick just one?

CUT TO a ¾ shot of CAPTAIN MARVEL (the real one this time!). She’s hovering several inches off the ground. Behind her we can see smoking computers and broken office furniture.

CAPTAIN MARVEL:  The names chose me.

CAPTAIN MARVEL:  I didn’t steal them.

FIXED PANEL. An extremely pissed off CAPTAIN MARVEL fires one of her photon blasts.

CAPTAIN MARVEL:  I earned them.


  1. Excellent use of Mystique as a foil for Carol. You really nailed why Mystique (for me, at least), no matter if she's playing the villain or the anti-hero, was never a character I could get behind: that despite her motivations, whatever they may be, she's just a thief. Carol's last line really underlines that point. Great job.

  2. Perfect choice in Mystique to play of Carol. Fun use of her powers as a way for Mystique to some what mock Danvers.

    You killed it on those last two panels of dialogue as well. You say a lot about both characters in small subtle ways whilst at the same time keeping this punchy and tight.

  3. i concur, excellent set up and delivery. i really like this one.


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