Thursday, August 16, 2012

Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers – She’s No Chef – Shaun Richens.


1 & 2 are page wide panels.
3,4,5 run underneath as one row.
6 is a page wide panel.

1. Establishing shot. The USS Howard Stark aircraft carrier is pushing through the North Pacific Ocean at some speed.

It’s a clear but cold night, stars reflect off the almost black ocean below.

         The USS Howard Stark.

         23:58 Hours.

2. We pull into the deck of the ship. Two shot of two Hydra soldiers leaning on the balcony of the observation deck. They wear the normal green and yellow uniform of Hydra but both have large coats like this on. The coats are black with Hydra logos on the sleeves. One of the Hydra Soldiers is holding a pair of Thermal imaging goggles up to his eyes to look out to sea. The other is blowing into his hands to warm them, his hot breath rising as steam. Both of them have Hydra weapons slung across their backs.

         COLD HANDS:

         GOGGLES 1:
Not a damn thing.

We are in the middle of the ocean whose guna sneak up on us?

3. POV of GOGGLES looking through the thermal imaging goggles. We see the distant horizon, its nothing but ocean. The whole scene should be in dark blues, grays and blacks, to highlight the low temperature out at sea.

         NO COPY.

4. Same as 4 however now a bright red figure can be seen in the far distance flying just above the water. The figure is trimmed by accents of orange and yellow. This is something hot coming at them.

         GOGGLES: (O.P)
         What the…

5. Same as 3. Now the panel is nearly entirely taken up with a large red and orange fist.

         NO COPY.

6. The two Hydra soldiers lay knocked out on top off each other on the floor of the observation towers balcony. Their goggles and weapons have been bent and broken so they can no longer be used. We can see a pair of long legs floating at the top of the page, dark blue tights and a pair of red boots cover them.

         Captain Marvel: (coming from top of the page)
         Tony and Steve won’t be happy you boys stole this ship. 

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  1. It's a solid script with a good build up and I like the viewpoint and panel choice in the last panel.


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