Friday, August 3, 2012

Etrigan - Angel and Demon - J.D. Coughlan

For those unaware, Zauriel was a character created by Grant Morrison, a fallen guardian angel who spent some time on the JLA.

Panel 1: Large. Zauriel's orrery. Etrigan comes smashing through the window, breathing flame. Zauriel is taken by surprise, but still grabs for his sword.

ETRIGAN: Hear my words, angel-who-fell! I bring news straight from Hell!

Panel 2: Zauriel brandishes his sword fiercely.

ZAURIEL: Etrigan!

ZAURIEL: What unholy purpose has brought you here?

Panel 3: Close on Etrigan as he grins.

ETRIGAN: The Masters of your old dominion, from whence you were cast due to opinion...

ETRIGAN:  ...hath conspired with darkest damnation and both decided, to my elation...

ETRIGAN: a move most uncommon...

Panel 4: Very close on Zauriel's horrified face.

ETRIGAN (OP): ...I am to be your guardian demon!



  1. Man, I almost forgot about Zauriel. Great match-up. And the twist at the end is great, esp. focused on Zauriel's reaction. It's a great set-up to what can be a cool story. Kudos!

  2. This is maybe my favorite piece of yours J.D. The character match up is awesome and in the story you're telling it adds some many nice elements to explore. When I read a one page script and instantly see how great it would work on page I know that its strong stuff.

  3. While I don't know much about the character, I really like the idea of pairing him with Etrigan, and you sell it quite well on this page. "Guardian demon" is a great line.

  4. Good concept (despite my lack of knowledge around Zauriel) that you get across effectively in the script. Solid.


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