Thursday, August 2, 2012

Etrigan – Beware My Power - Shaun Richens



1. Peering down towards the Earth. The Sun and Moon circling it.

         In Brightest Day, in blackest night.

2. We pull closer in on Earth and now see a Green streak powering towards it at immense speed.

         No evil shall escape my sight.

         Let those who worship evil’s might.

3. Inside of Earths atmosphere, the green streak has taken a human like form and nosedives towards the ground through the bright, blue morning sky.

         CAPTION: Beware my power.

4. A Green Lantern is kneeling on the ground, his head down, back to us hands out in front of him for support. Dust kicked up all around him from his impactful landing. Standing tall and impressive in front of him is the Demon known as ETRIGAN.

         Etrigan must fight. 


  1. I like the idea, but the imagery leaves me wanting more. I see where you're going with the bait and switch, but I think the panels you've come up with are almost too cliché for the task you give them. Something a little spicier, like a harsh fight between the two or the aftermath thereof, would be more to my taste.

  2. I was actually expecting Etrigan to be wearing the ring when I read the title and first panels. Ah well...

    I kinda agree with Grant, it is on the generic side. We don't even know which Green Lantern landed (yet). I was really hoping you'd break out something like your Lizard piece, or your Hall fo the Mountain King saga (which, by the way, is still my favourite run of stories by you - that was a really class-act body of work).

    Of course, wouldn't it be cool if that was Alan Scott and the Starheart ring...hmmm...

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys. I liked my concept a lot but couldn't make it work how I wanted to on the page. However I am pleased that you both agreed that the idea was actually kinda cool.

  4. I liked the bait and switch at first, but then on further reflection thought it would have been kind of cool to have Etrigan have the ring.

    Specifying the Green Lantern would have maybe have given it a bit more kick at the end (Kilowog!).


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