Saturday, August 4, 2012

Etrigan EXTRA - Ray Wonsowski

I live in Paraguay, a small South American country wedged in between Brazil and Argentina.  7000 miles to the north, in New York City USA, is my brother Peter, also known as "pw!"

Peter made his bones in the ska music scene, and is usually connected with the "Pez kid" of the band Less Than Jake.  He's designed toys for little kids and album covers for Adam Arcuragi and other musical artists.  Today, he is a busy-as-heck graphic artist, and recently made his comic book debut,
doing covers for "Strawberry Shortcake" and colors for Javier Grillo-Marxuach's RAMIEL, both published by APE Entertainment.

To celebrate my first Thoughtballoons pick, he most kindly did this piece based on my script this week:

ETRIGAN:    If I was devil, a deal could be negotiated.  But a demon, such as I, is privately motivated... 

Panel 4 - ETRIGAN blows a tight jet of hellfire from his pursed lips, setting the floating rum circle to swirl aflame. 
You can check out his original artwork at, or his comic work at

Big thank you's to my brother across the equator and many miles, for taking the time out of his busy life to put this together.  Miss ya, bro.

And thanks to all of the guys at Thoughtballoons, for inviting me into their playground.

See you next script!

The American Zombie.


  1. Wow Ray, I can not thank you enough for such kind words. I'm so proud to to be your little brother, and thrilled to be a part of this

  2. Everything about this is wonderful. Nice extra touch for your first pick mate, and the art work is beautiful.

  3. This is stunning. Thank you so much for sharing, Ray! And thanks to you, Peter, for composing such a gorgeous piece! Just love it.

  4. That is a sexy piece of art.

    Thanks for posting it up!


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