Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mister Miracle- Change -Dan Hill

As far as I know the concept of the New Gods haven't been introduced into the New 52 as yet. This is my take on Mister Miracle's re-emergence in that universe.


The page depicts the side of a tenement building at an angle, split into four wide panels on top of one another.

Night. A shot of the Bludhaven skyline. There is an orange tinge emanating from areas of the city in the background. At the bottom of the panel we can see the roof of a tenement building.

Smoke rises from the bottom of the panel.

CAP:  Bludhaven.

CAP(MISTER MIRACLE):  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

We see the side of the tenement building, and a fire escape bolted to it. A few people look out of their windows or stand on the fire escape, all peering down.

Smoke still rises from below.

CAP(MISTER MIRACLE):  Bludhaven is under attack.

CAP(MISTER MIRACLE):  So it was before, so it is again.

We continue the pan down the side of the building. More fire escapes, more concerned and nosy citizens looking on.

This time though, on the side of the building, we can see graffiti-- the initials MM in red and yellow paint.

Smoke continues to rise.

CAP(MISTER MIRACLE):  The rich become richer and the poor become poorer.

CAP(MISTER MIRACLE):  So it was before, so it is again.

We are now at street level. We can see a large crowd of PROTESTORS has gathered. They carry signs depicting slogans reminiscent of the 99% movement. They are all angry, organised and vocal.

A makeshift signal fire sits in the middle of the group, smoke rising from it.

CAP(MISTER MIRACLE): But this time I am here to show them that there is a different way.




  1. First off, cool script.

    Second, on introducing New Gods in the new universe...let's just say you should read Wonder Woman #12 that came out this week.

  2. The cinematic pan down the building adds a nice build up of suspense. Plus with the use of the repeating smoke rising and the 'so it is again' caption you lay up lots of elements to intrigue the reader.

    The graffiti in panel 3 is a neat little visual cue to the page in which we never see the title character, however your captions play so well that the page just feels perfect for a modern reintroduction of the character.

  3. I really dig this interpretation of the character. It's a nice use of the escape metaphor and an excellent combination with present-day concerns and problems. You also whip up some wicked visuals on this page. A really evocative script, all around.


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