Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mister Miracle – The Highest Price – Shaun Richens.


Page Layout:


1. A black panel.

         It’s time to wake up.

         Someone is here to collect you.

2. We are looking straight on at MANGA KHAN from the waist up. He stands triumphant and proud, his arms folded across his chest, his cape flowing down behind him.

         MANGA KHAN
         I am pleased you have decided to arise at such an apt 

3. A full body shot of MISTER MIRACLE. His hands and feet or bond in black shackles and seem to pulsate with a strange dark energy. His body is strapped to a wall his arms pinned up above his head.

         What do you want with me Khan?

         MANGA KHAN (O.P)
         Oh it is not I who wants you.

4. Half page splash. L-RON leads the being known as DARKSEID across the deck of the CLUSTER SHIP towards MANGA KHAN and his captive MISTER MIRACLE. A huge window looking out across the galaxy frames DARKSEID from behind; we can see stars and other parts of the massive CLUSTER SHIP space station in the window.  DARKSEID walks with his hands behind his back, a slight grin on his face.

         MANGA KHAN
         I am afraid I was made an offer I simply could 
         not refuse.

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