Friday, August 31, 2012

Starship Troopers - The Klendathu Conspiracy - J.D. Coughlan

Set in the movie universe, just after the events of the first film. I haven't seen the other films, so it may contradict them.

Panel 1: Colonel Carl Jenkins, Military Intelligence officer and psychic (played by Neil Patrick Harris in the movie), stands naked in the communal shower room, in the classic troubled man pose -- head down, hand against the wall as water cascades over him.

VOLMER (OP): (small) ...can't wait to find out our first black ops mission.

Panel 2: Corporals Volmer (male) and Weiss (female) enter, talking to each other. Original characters, both young black ops recruits. Both are naked too. No convenient obstructions either; we're all grown-ups here. Weiss is surprised to find Jenkins there (officers' have their own private showers).

VOLMER: Once they pull intel outta--

WEISS: Oh! Colonel. We didn't think anyone was--

Panel 3: Close on Jenkins. He is still looking downward, not at Volmer and Weiss.

JENKINS: It doesn't know a damn thing...

WEISS (OP): S-Sir?

JENKINS: The Brain Bug. It doesn't know a damn thing about Buenos Aires. The asteroid attack.

Panel 4: Wider shot of all three. Again, Jenkins looking down.

JENKINS: And that got me thinking... How the hell could the Bugs coordinate something like that in the first place? From a whole goddam galaxy away!?

JENKINS: Then I started digging... Found out the Federation had their eye on Klendathu for a while, but couldn't justify the expense of taking it...

Panel 5: Two-shot of Volmer and Weiss, reacting with shock.

JENKINS (OP): Then I started thinking... What if Buenos Aires was an inside job?

Panel 6: Close-up of Jenkins. He is looking at Volmer and Weiss (and us) for the first time, water dripping down his face. Grinning a small, non-pleasurable grin.

JENKINS: Would you like to know more?


I saw the movie for the first time when I was about 13, so there was obviously one scene that stood out in my mind. I also wanted to highlight the logical inconsistencies and disturbingly prescient 9/11 parallels around the Bugs' "plan" without it being a boring talky page.

Is this Thought Balloons' first all-nude script?


  1. Love it! This appeals to me both as a reader and as a huge fan of the film. We were definitely on the same wavelength this week, and part of me likes to think that our scripts could be living in the same shared universe.

    I'm also a little jealous, because while your last line is (appropriately) a little corny, I'd say it's a better use of my favourite line from the film than what was in my script.

    Also also: if this is what all-nude scripts get us, we should have more.

  2. I like this one. Brings in some more modern political parallels to the universe too.

    Good build up and the page holds the promise of a lot of potential and directions the Jenkins character could go in.


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