Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Starship Troopers – One Great Big Giant Misunderstanding – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: Two WORKER BUGS, ‘J-A-3’ and ‘5-T-U’, are standing on a giant rock in the midst of an asteroid field while wearing appropriately-designed spacesuits.

J-A-3: <Man, this is so boring.*>

5-T-U: <Quiet, you. That kind of talk is what got us sent out here in the first place!>

TEXT BOX: *Translated from the language of the Arachnid Empire.

Panel 2: J-A-3 points to a massive-sized asteroid.

J-A-3: <I bet we could make this both faster and a lot more fun if we used that massive rock over there.>

Panel 3: 5-T-U looks at J-A-3.

5-T-U: <That sounds like a remarkably bad idea.>

J-A-3: <Oh, come on, let’s do it.>

5-T-U: <An incredibly, remarkably bad idea.>

Panel 4: J-A-3 begins to wander off.

J-A-3: <I’m going to go do it anyway.>

5-T-U: <Oh please no…>

J-A-3: <Oh, what’s the worst that could happen?>

Panel 5: The massive-sized asteroid is seen flying away from the asteroid field at an odd angle.


SFX: (From the bottom where flames/jets are seen burning.) Whoooosh!

Panel 6: J-A-3 and 5-T-U are on a different asteroid, watching the massive one fly out into space.

5-T-U: <You just had to ask.>

J-A-3: <Eh. I’m sure no one will ever notice. What are the odds of it actually hitting anything?>



  1. Highly amusing self-contained page. I'd love to see this done by an artist with a realistic style, so the Bugs' terrifying appearance contrasts with their casual banter.

    1. That probably would provide for the funniest possible version of this script.

  2. Haha. Amazing, MK. You hit the humour right on the nose here and it's great. Definitely my vote for how the war probably got started.

  3. Unexpected page, and tonally different, but it works nicely.

    Comedy gold!


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