Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Starship Troopers- Triumph Over Will -Dan Hill



We OPEN on a TIGHT SHOT of a BUG-- specifically the bug from the propaganda video from the movie. You know the one, the one with the school kids taking glee in crushing the bug.

1 CAP (CORTEZ) When the bugs invaded I think I was one of the few humans who admired them.


ZOOM IN on the BUG. We can see its antenna, mandibles and huge eyes. The thing looks alien.

2 CAP(CORTEZ) They had a singular, unshakable vision.


We have now ZOOMED OUT to reveal that the images are playing out on a row of several monitors. Sat in front of the monitor, with her back to CAMERA, is CORTEZ. She's in her mid twenties with long black hair, and Roman-esque features (though we obviously can't see them yet).

She's wearing a grey cotton dress shirt (it's hard to tell if it's a mans shirt or not) with the sleeves rolled up and the top button undone. She also wears a pair of black slacks and simple black pumps.

The editing suite is sparsely furnished, grey and functional.

3 CAP(CORTEZ) I could relate.


CUT TO a TIGHT SHOT looking slightly from the side of CORTEZ. We can see a military man is stood slightly off to the side of her, watching her. This is MASTERS, head of the 'Information' division of the Federation's military. He wears military uniform, is in his mid forties with slicked back black hair and steel blue eyes.

4 CAP(CORTEZ) Never turn from the path you've set out on.

5 CAP(CORTEZ) Never compro--

6 MASTERS No. The focus needs to be on the kids reaction here.


FIXED PANEL. CORTEZ continues to look at the screen. She's frustrated, gesturing at the screen. MASTERS looks on coolly.

7 CORTEZ But I'm trying to emphasise the 'otherness' of--

8 MASTERS Do it. You're here to shoot.


CUT TO a shot from behind CORTEZ again as she peers at the monitor. The CAMERA though, is a little bit further back in the room this time. The lights are off in the room, the only glow comes from the monitors, and we can see CORTEZ is alone.

It's later in the day now. CORTEZ is watching combat footage play out on the monitors.

9 CAP(MASTERS) Not think.


CUT TO a shot looking out from the monitors towards CORTEZ, the white glow of the monitors thrown across her face. She looks old. She looks dejected. She looks defeated.


  1. "You're here to shoot. Not think." This set of dialogue is the killer punch of the page. You setting up this editor/film maker in an almost infantry role is a superb vision. The dialogue is a nice twist and shows how much of a gear in a larger machine people feel in a military type institute. Great page.

  2. Interesting stuff. Sympathy / relating to the bugs is something they clumsily tried for at spots during the film, but you do a much better job here than they ever managed. As Shaun said, it's also a really cool parallelism that you set up here. Killer script.


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