Monday, September 3, 2012

Alfred - Same as it Ever Was - Ben Rosenthal

1. A shot of  Alfred from behind.  He watches out the window of Wayne Manor, the exhaust of the Batmobile barely visible in the distance as it speeds away.

2. A small panel of Alfred's hand pulling out a book on a bookshelf.

Sfx: Click.

3. Alfred is in the batcave, restocking Batman's weapons itenerary.  

4. Alfred is sitting in the batcave, sipping at some tea as he looks through Batman's database.  He wears a headset.

5. The Batmobile has returned, it's door beginning to open.

6. The door is fully open, Batman is beaten and barely conscious.


7. Alfred is helping Batman stand, with Batman leaning his entire weight on Alfred,  almost passing out. Alfred is leading him towards the lift door.


  1. Solid "day in the life" type page. Wonderful blend of mundane and unusual.

    On a side not: I like that you transitioned straight from the bookcase to the Batcave. Too many comics writers seem to think I like watching people walk down staircases or along corridors.

  2. Another script that gives a good overview of the character.

    The last panel sums up the page (and the relationship) nicely.

  3. Some beautiful imagery here, Ben. You do a great job of letting the panels speak for themselves, picking the perfect moments to focus on, and then tie it all together with Bruce's one line towards the end. Love it.

  4. The bookcase to Batcave transition is one only a seasoned comic writer would go for and it makes the page so much tighter and engaging for the boldness of it. Great choice their. As is the visual metaphor of that last panel. Alfred really is the only person Bruce can ever lean on fully.


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